Downton Abbey-Inspired Teas

What are you drinking to commemorate the release of the Downton Abbey movie? If you’ve seen the Crawley’s film on the big screen before, are still reminiscing about these seasons, or are brand new to Downton, Be sure to have your preferred beverage.

Despite the stark contrast between upstairs and downstairs, both have time for tea, as it’s a part of their society. In anticipation of the Downton Abbey film, The Republic of Tea has crafted three new special edition teas. The flavor profiles are influenced by the award-winning television series The Characters the Show, which brings to life the Crawley family’s tension, relationships, and fascinating characters. 

Lord & Lady Grantham’s Tea

The blend of black tea with traditional flavor and sweet, aromatic spices creates an ideal tea for a royal. Make a pot of tea and fill your home or manor with warm scents of cloves and sweet cinnamon to greet your most opulent guests.

Violet & Mary’s Tea

Life is full of challenges and ups; however, you can always be sure to enjoy a great tea. Ginger mint, orange bergamot mint, and lemon thyme blend in this smoky cup. Grab the long gloves and sip this sophisticated tea that can soften the most abrasive of tongues.

The Bates’ Tea

The classic flavors of plum pudding, baked fruit, and spices – combine with the delicious taste of vanilla in a refined coffee base. This cup of love is ideal for a cup of high tea and equally good with a delightful dessert or sweet biscuits.

The Minister for Enlightenment, Kristina Richards Tucker, declared

“The Republic of Tea curated these blends to accompany the Downton Abbey film keeping particular characters and their personalities in mind. Each blend is carefully curated to provide a flavor that is delicious and to reflect the character of the characters from Downton Abbey. This Violet and Mary’s blend has fresh ginger and orange, paired with sweet blackberry leaves which are sweet and spicy just like the two characters. It is a Bates Tea begins with a classic black tea that is premium and is layered with the sweet with berries, vanilla to pay tribute to the beloved couple from the movie and the series.”

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