Health Trends That are Already Rocking 2019

It’s spring already, and many of us know that 2019 is already in full swing. What’s the latest trend in the world of health this year?

In 2019, the latest wellness and health trends focused on reconnecting to our sensual senses. Be it the aroma of herbal tea or soaking in the green light of a forest, we’re getting back to the basics and learning how to take a moment and take a breath. Let’s get in there and explore!

Herbal Teas

Teas made from herbs have been in use for millennia. What we’re enjoying today is a new range of herbs in tea. With global commerce and tourism providing us with access to products from all over the globe, the possibilities for a delicious cup of tea are practically limitless!

When you’re planning your day’s schedule, caffeinated or herbal teas can be helpful to break up the various times of the day and provide you with a needed boost:

The Morning Cuppa

In the morning, a cup of black tea will give you the mild caffeine boost you need to kick off your day while warming your stomach and easing the palate. It is possible to mix it with different varieties of black tea, such as spiced masala chai, cinnamon, and clove infusions of black tea.

The Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

In the afternoon, take a breather with the calming effect of a matcha latte, the Sencha tea. Enjoy the nourishment energy boost of antioxidants and minerals which are found in these powerhouses of the oriental world. If you’re looking for a non-caffeine option drink, a refreshing infusion of apples and berries could be just what you’re looking for to calm your head and provide the motivation to continue your journey.

The Evening Wind-Down

A few hours before going to you go to bed, begin an energizing bedtime ritual by sipping an iced chamomile or valerian root passionflower tea. These teas made from herbs are widely known to be efficient, traditional remedies for sleep. When choosing teas, please select ones that are ethically produced to ensure that you are helping the farmers and their communities and aiding you in relaxing.

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