How to Choose the Best Tea for Your Cigar

The combination of cigars and tea is among the more unusual pairings available. Tea is regarded as an old and delicate drink, while cigars are usually associated with cramped poker clubs. From experience, the cigar and tea blends must be discovered over time and with experience. Some guidelines will help you select the ideal combination for a 5 o’clock supper. We have listed some suggestions and strategies to assist you in your search:

White, green, or black?

The three primary kinds of teas are produced from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis; however, the entire manufacturing process is distinct. The harvesting, drying, and final serving can be quite different between these tea varieties, particularly about the cigar and tea pairings.

White Teas

White teas are among the earliest and most delicate of the teas. The tea is made of the most delicate batch of leaves. The ideal combination for this particular tea would be the Claro cigar. These cigars are light and most delicate because the process of aging is rapid, as is evident in the light shade on the wrapping. The primary benefit of this combination is that both tea and tea are delicate and will be able to enhance the flavor of the tea.

Green Teas

Green tea is easily blended with various types of cigars. It has a slightly bitter taste that works with a broad range of cigars, ranging from mild to full-bodied and from Claro up to Maduro cigars. The intensity of the bitterness can be tempered by the infusion duration, making it highly versatile in pairing cigars and tea. However, the most renowned cigar combination with Green Tea is Montecristo No. 4. This medium-to-full-body cigar is awash with vanilla flavor that is a perfect match for more bitter tea.

Black Teas

The black tea is the most potent and also the one with the most character. It is a deep flavor that could cause problems in the case of pairings. The best pairing for this flavor bursting is smoke that can fight this power. A robust cigar is an ideal match for this kind of tea. Even a Maduro, and a Colorado cigar, could go exceptionally well; due to the bitterness, the cigar and its undertones are perfect for this particular kind of tea.

Flower Teas and Light-bodied Cigars

The flower teas typically possess a mild scent and a mild flavor. An excellent pairing is a cigar with a light body because the aromas could go exceptionally well regardless of whether the cigar has a distinct smell. For instance, a hot cigar that is light in weight could be the ideal match to a mint tea since the scents will elevate your experience of tasting to a new stage.

Spice Teas and Full-bodied Cigars

Spice teas are filled with personality and offer a variety of flavors. They demand partners with the same character as cinnamon, pepper, or licorice teas. A medium or full-bodied cigar is a great combination if it offers bursts of flavor, such as earth, pepper, or leather.

Iced or Hot

Pairing is a delicate balance action. A particular aroma could outweigh the other. Therefore the temperature is a crucial factor. Teas are available at two primary temperatures: cold or extremely hot. Iced teas are a great match with any tigar if they smell strong. This tea can work well with a variety of cigars. However, it’s best paired with a well-balanced cigar like the Hoyo de Monterrey.

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