Tea On Stressful Day

While some teas we drink, others we enjoy. Tea breaks can be a relaxing way to unwind on stressful days. Everyone should make time for their bodies and minds. You can find the perfect thing to help you see things differently. It is calming, revitalizing, and healthy!

How teas can help with stress

A cup of tea daily is a smart way of adding a little zen to your daily life. Chamomile, mint, and lemongrass are soothing for your nerves. These teas are often offered in spas as a welcome beverage.

Tea Meditation Ritual

It is possible to take a few minutes to meditate while your tea is boiling. This is the quickest way to get calm and quiet back in under 3 minutes. Take this time to yourself while your tea is infusing and relax your mind and body. Let your eyes close or half-close, and let your body tune in. Place your feet flat on the ground and place your back straight. Now, let your body feel your feet touch the floor. You can feel a calm energy flow from your feet to your spine and your head. This energy will lift you to the heavens. You are now carried by the fluffy cloud, which will keep you afloat and melt away all your tensions. Here you are! Your body has been successfully de-stressed even while your tea is being prepared. You can now relax and enjoy your freshly brewed cup of tea.

You can download guided meditation apps if you find it challenging to meditate alone.

The Best Teas to Beat Stress

Teas have been used as relaxants for many years. We have compiled a list of relaxing teas you will enjoy.

Calming Chamomile

Because it contains antioxidants called Apigenin, which have a mild tranquilizing effect on the body, Chamomile can induce sleep. Chamomile’s soothing properties make it an excellent choice for a busy day. The sweet and floral cup has a refreshing aroma that will instantly reset your mind. If you want to up your infusion game, Chamomile can be infused with rose, lavender, and oranges.

Soothing Spearmint

Minty teas are known for their beautiful aromas that will help you relax in no time. Spearmint teas are a refreshing and delicious choice. They have bright mint flavors with a sweet after-taste. Mint teas go well with ginger, lemon, cardamom, and ginger. If you feel the need to have one during summer, they make great iced tea.

Rejuvenating Rose

Since immemorial, roses have been used as mellow flowers – in essential oils and infusions. They are visually striking and calming for the senses. Rose teas are sweet, aromatic, and a great way to boost your soul. Rose infusions can also be used to hydrate the body. They are rich in vitamin C as well as antioxidants.

Lullaby Lavender

Lavender teas have a reputation for being stress-relieving. This light floral blend will transport you to the lavender fields of Provence. These infusions, also known as “Blue Gold,” are the best for those who want to reset and feel rejuvenated.

Meditative Matcha

Matcha, made from Camellia Sinensis plants, is known for its stress-relieving properties. It contains high levels of L-Theanine. L-Theanine and caffeine help the body achieve the so-called “meditative state,” which is a state of relaxation. Matcha can be used to make delicious lattes and smoothies.

This list of teas can help you relax on occasion, such as a client meeting or product launch. These delicious, aromatic teas will help you feel zen every day.

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