Tea of the Month: Ginger Root Black Tea

You can see out of your window. You’ll feel like the clouds are wrapping you in a blanket of monsoon.

A perfect cup of tea is all that’s missing at the moment. To complement the cold weather, a nice cup of strong, earthy tea is a good choice. Perhaps even with some pakodas and samosas. Our Tea Sommelier, has selected the perfect monsoon cup for you. It promises warmth and comfort on rainy days.

The Ginger Root Black Tea is July’s Tea of the Month! Tea Trunk’s ginger root black tea is rich and flavorful. It is a great choice for Indian snacks such as fritters, fruit cakes and chutney sandwiches. This tea is also the ideal antidote for everything. This tea is a blend of Assam black and ginger, which combine to give comfort to the heart and provide medicinal benefits for the mind and body.

Our easy-to-carry bags allow you to enjoy homemade tea at work if you are craving it. Ginger can be added to tea to improve digestion, increase absorption and decrease the feeling of bloating. This is why ginger works well with oily and heavy foods.

Ginger root tea is great for nausea relief, joint inflammation, and improving blood circulation. This tea is great for itchy and runny throats, especially in this cold weather. Enjoy a warm cup of this medicinal wonder and relax.

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