Single Origin Tea – Unblended

Teas are unique in that every type is different. Every step of the production process has an impact on how they taste in a cup. Tea’s flavour and character is greatly affected by its origin and terroir. Let’s talk about the terroir in tea industry. This is a common study of wine, and tea and wine share a lot.

Tea is like a person. Although we are all one species, we have different origins and ways of being raised. The teas we drink are very similar to us. Teas are grown in different parts of the world, or in the same country. This allows for a variety of different teas. Understanding single origin teas is crucial. These teas are unique to a region and sold unblended as raw leaves. Single-origin teas are unique because they are made from special soils, climates, and geographic conditions. Each factor contributes to the unique flavor.

Single-origin teas are premium and expensive because of their exclusivity. It is often believed that single-origin teas are cheaper because they are unblended. However, this is not always true. It can be difficult for pure teas have their own flavour profiles. You might look for teas grown organically, in a specific manner, or in ways that protect tea pickers and plantation owners. This means that single-origin teas can give you more information about their production. These single-origin teas include our East Himalayan Tea, which is sourced from the Himalayas foothills, and Moon White Tea that we hand-picked under cool Darjeeling moonlight. . They are full of pure goodness and reflect the real character of the area where they were grown. Every tea-growing region around the globe has its unique single origin product. These flavours can be discovered by trying teas from different regions. It won’t take Indiana Jones’ boots or Sherlock’s magnifying glasses, but it will be a fascinating exploration!

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