Tea Bags: DIY Tea Bags

We’re always looking for new ways to enjoy our tea. Imagine our excitement when we found these DIY tea bags on the Make Your Zone blog. You only need loose-leaf tea and a few supplies to create custom tea bags.

What you’ll need to get started:

Coffee Filter

Tea Trunk Tea

The 5″ piece of string or heavy thread

One 2″ x 1″ piece of paper (for the small label at the end).




Cut a small amount off the sides of a coffee filter to create a rectangular shape.

Place one teaspoon of Tea Trunk loose-leaf tea in the middle of the coffee filter.

Fold the coffee filter lengthwise in half to trap the tea.

Fold the long side back to the middle and fold it three times.

You’ll need to center the package now that you have tea inside. Roll the box in such a way that the folded edge is in the middle.

Fold the filter package in two.

Remove about 3/4″ of the top to make the tea bag more traditional.

Fold the two edges of the top so that it now forms a pointed top.

Fold the top of the filter package a bit over, place the string on the top, and staple. The box will be sealed, and the series will be attached.

Fold your paper in half to make the tab. Then, staple the end of your string inside the form. Make sure to center the stapler on the line.

Need more convincing? They make adorable, personalized gifts that are also easy to customize. Instead of using a standard string, use pretty twine with tags made from colorful paper and handwritten messages. These are sure to go down well with the upcoming holiday season! Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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