Moon White Tea and the Art of Self Discovery

That’s a great idea! That header is so profound! It was so natural to me that it even surprised me.

The first time I was introduced to the world of White Teas is a memory I will cherish. It was memorable because I was not my usual chirpy self that day. It was the first time I had ever walked alone around Singapore. It wasn’t only physical exhaustion. It was one day when you didn’t want to smile at passers-by. Some of you could identify. You might even be able to judge me. This was how I felt at the time. To turn my day around, I decided to have some tea.

It happened! The White Tea! Years ago, it was a sunny, brightly lit afternoon at the Raffles Hotel. How could I forget? It was a subtle taste that made me smile. The flavor triggered a change in my thinking process. It was a wake-up call that reminded me of the beauty in the world and that I still haven’t experienced them all. Imagine me holding a magic potion in any fairy tale. This was a turning point.

Many mystics have spoken of Silence and stillness and the self-discovery that may result from it. However, I am most drawn to the quote by Isaac of Nineveh, “Silence cuts out pretexts and causes new thoughts while within one’s walls, it withers away and wilts memory of things that used to concern you.” The mind sets the old things right> by letting them wither in the thoughts.

I’m a fun-loving ‘girl.’ On days like those …” Silence, you will be like the sun shining on your face. It did, in fact, illuminate me that day.

It was a time for self-discovery. Was the white tea a catalyst? Was it a trigger or a catalyst? What if a glass of water had done the same? I’m still determining. Perhaps yes, perhaps not. White tea or not, I suggest that you take a moment to reflect.

My real goal was to write about white tea and Tea Trunk’s Moon White Tea. Let me try again if I still need to lose you with my lengthy ramble.

Moon White Tea is so unique! The secret is in the careful plucking and processing of the silvertips. Unopened tea buds are handpicked during full moon nights, giving the name. It is not an occult practice to prefer a full moon night. It’s actually a scientific decision. The aesthesis at a full moon night allows tea buds to retain maximum water and thus preserve maximum flavor and nutrients. The silvertips are so tender that plucking them in the afternoon sun is impractical.

The price is Rs. Moon White Tea, which is priced at Rs. 45,000/kg, is the most expensive tea. Tea Trunk’s 15 tea bags are priced at Rs. Tea Trunk’s packaging of 15 tea bags, priced at Rs. 1,350/- makes this tea more affordable for those who want to try it. It can be purchased here.

Moon White Tea has 12 times the antioxidants of an orange juice glass. It is great for times when you want to shut your eyes and forget about the world. Or before you levitate!

It pairs well with: Simple salads, light meals, and desserts without cream.

All that said, remember what you really need to do: stop looking for validation from outside yourself. Begin the journey to Self Discovery!

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