Four Holiday tea traditions

You can enjoy a cup of hot tea, whatever holiday tradition you prefer.

Tea has been a part of holiday traditions for thousands of years. These are some of our favorites to get you in the holiday spirit.


This was a tradition that started in ancient times. It involved people singing and drinking from a bowl called ‘wassail.’ The mixture of curdled cream and roasted apples. As the tradition spread to England, tea with mulled spice was introduced. The term wassailing became caroling. However, the wassail bowl is something we all know. It’s time to revive this tradition by enjoying warm spiced tea. The perfect Christmas blend is our Apple Spice Black Tea, inspired by Mulled Wine.

Flaming Tea Ceremony

Many Russian Jews observe the tradition of having a “flaming tea” ceremony to celebrate the sun’s light, in keeping with Hanukkah’s Festival of Lights. Everyone puts a teaspoonful of sugar into a bowl and then stands. The cube is then set on fire by pouring brandy over it. The cube is then placed in a cup of tea, and the flame is extinguished.

Traditional English Tea Parties

After the Christmas dinner, British families reunite at 6 pm for fellowship and continued celebrations. British evening teas, like Darjeeling or Yunnan, are usually served in lighter black. These lavish tea parties are also known for serving iced teas when the weather is not cooperating.

Create your holiday tradition.

Holidays are meant to be spent with those you love, creating memories and bonds. This year, you can create your own tea tradition to share with family and friends. You could have 12 days of Christmas, 25 December through 6 January. Each day you could enjoy a different Christmas tea from our 12 Days of Christmas Tea Samplers. You could also brew your favorite tea and enjoy a good book or movie about Christmas.

Whatever holiday tradition you choose, tea should be the main event of your celebrations.

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