Guide to tea and chocolate pairing.

As if they were made for each other, culinary pairings seem to be a natural thing. While tea pairs well with various foods, one of the best combinations for tea lovers who are chocoholics is tea and chocolate. When we mention tea and chocolate, we don’t mean chocolate-flavored tea. Chocolate in tea can make for an unappealing brew, which is bitter and artificial tasting. However, tea and chocolate are an excellent combination!

It is essential to know the science behind different flavor combinations. Understanding the notes that go into each pairing is critical. The earthiness, sweetness, and density are all factors to consider when deciding what tea goes best with which chocolate.

After a bit of chocolate, take a sip or two of tea. Never order tea before chocolate.

The ideal tea and chocolate combination is when the flavors complement each other rather than overpowering each other. The pairing of tea and chocolate has a soft romance. If you take a little bit of chocolate, follow it with a cup of tea to see if it still tastes like chocolate on your tongue; it’s a great combination.

Choose the best quality tea and chocolate to get the most from your pairing. The cocoa butter in the cacao beans coats the tongue and captures all the rich chocolatey flavors. When you drink tea, this enhances the taste. To get the best taste, choose chocolate that does not contain hydrogenated oils.

It is essential to choose the right chocolate and tea combination.

The most robust black Assam tea is the perfect match for those who enjoy the taste of dark chocolate. The robust and intense flavor of the tea pairs well with the bittersweet, woody taste of chocolate.

Milk chocolate’s smooth, creamy flavor is the perfect complement to the subtle flavors of Darjeeling Tea. Fans of white chocolate can pair the clean, fresh taste of white tea with the milky flavor for a truly decadent treat.

It’s okay to brew tea only sometimes do you want to pair chocolate and tea. Tea-infused chocolate bars are another great way to enjoy the same. Green tea and dark chocolate can be combined to provide health benefits. Our friends at Bean Therapy created the Saffron Kahwa bar with Belgian Dark Chocolate. They use Tea Trunk Saffron Kahwa blend in their ingredients. Enjoy this deluxe culinary experience¬†on World Chocolate Day.

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