Enjoy your tea in Goa.

Goa is known for its green fields and sandy beaches. You can enjoy a cup of tea in any of these five places if you live or plan to visit the land of sunshine and sand.

Baba au Rhum:

Baba au Rhum, a cafe in Anjuna popular with locals and tourists alike, has a relaxed and casual atmosphere. It offers delicious food and comfortable seating against lush green paddy and mango trees. Their highly recommended croissants are perfect with a cup of hot tea.

Cafe Al Fresco at Cantina Bdega

Do you want to enjoy a quiet and peaceful snack away from the hustle of everyday life? Cafe Al Fresco is a great place to go. This charming cafe is located in Panjim in a quiet area where visitors can enjoy peace and tranquility in the middle of the city. Sunaparanta Centre for the Arts is where the cafe is located. There are often works by renowned artists displayed near the restaurant. Try the red velvet cups – they’re a treat to your eyes and taste buds!

Bombay Coffee Roasters

Urban Cafe, a hidden gem in Fontainhas Goa, is in picturesque alleyways. The surroundings are narrow, winding lanes and heritage houses with Portuguese and European architectural influences. This cozy place has a curious interior that will make you want to return. Bring your favorite book and prepare to lose yourself in thought while enjoying refreshing tea.

Black Sheep Bistro & Black Market:

You will be welcomed with a warm smile and an inviting menu if you walk into this modern restaurant in Panjim. The service is unmatched, and it is clear that every dish has been carefully prepared. Choose from their artisanal teas and try some of the perfectly plated desserts. Black Sheep Bistro is a place that offers visitors a unique dining experience. You will want to return again and again.

Alila Diwa Goa

Alila Diwa Goa is the perfect place to relax and unwind in the middle of green paddy fields. Relax and enjoy your favorite cup of tea while enjoying peace.

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Tea Trunk Tea Room

The cutest tearoom is located in Fontainhas in Panjim. It’s a 100-year-old Portuguese casino. You can learn about the history of tea, its flavors, food pairings, and choose from more than 30 homemade tea blends. Tea Trunk Tea Room is beautifully decorated with artifacts and local art (some of which are available for purchase). They also serve delicious teatime snacks and desserts. Chamomile Cupcakes and Floral Galaxy Lemonade are two of the menu’s highlights.

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