Why Tea Is Not Good For Health

You may have heard that Tea is bad for your health. This is only true if you consume too much Tea. Overdoing anything is bad for your health. After water, Tea is the second most popular beverage consumed in the world. When finished correctly, Tea can improve immunity and your health.

Here are some reasons why drinking Tea is terrible for your health.

After drinking Tea, you may experience increased anxiety and acidity.

Tea is caffeine. It’s more than coffee. When consumed in the correct amount, one cup of Tea has less caffeine than one cup of coffee. Researchers claim that drinking too much Tea can cause anxiety and acidity. Limit your tea consumption to 3-4 cups daily to avoid stress and biting.

Poor Sleep Cycle After Drinking Tea

Mental health problems, such as overthinking and stressing, can cause poor sleep. Tea can help relieve stress, but excessive tea consumption before bedtime can disrupt the sleep cycle due to caffeine. It is better to limit your tea consumption before bedtime. Caffeine-free teas like Chamomile Tea will help you sleep better.

Tea can cause dehydration and constipation.

Caffeine can cause dehydration by reducing the absorption ability of the tubules in the kidney. Drinking too much Tea can cause dehydration and even lead to constipation.

Tea can increase blood pressure (BP).

Tea can raise blood pressure. The caffeine in Tea is the reason for this. Drinking a cup of kadak chai can cause high blood pressure. Studies have shown that switching to black or green Tea can lower blood pressure.

In summary, too much Tea or Chai consumption can lead to several health problems. Switch to drinking tea mindfully, i.e., Three to four cups of Tea, including both Chai and herbal teas. Today, many teas help boost your immunity, reduce blood pressure, and promote good sleep.

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