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“Green tea is rich in antioxidants.”

Green Tea is great for weight loss.

Green Tea is refreshing and hydrating.

You’ve probably heard about all the benefits of green Tea. You can read our blog about the health benefits of green Tea. This blog is for you if you know everything about green Tea but find the flavor too bitter.

If you believe healthy foods should taste delicious, raise your hand! We have you covered, all of you who agree. These five “As” can make organic green Tea more delicious and healthier.

Never buy regular green Tea.

Many green tea novices start their journey by purchasing green Tea. It is essential to choose high-quality green Tea. Tea tastes can vary depending on where it was grown, its nutrition, and the climate. Always buy green Tea from a trusted seller who can find the perfect blend of tea leaves.

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Do not add tea bags to the water for extra time!

Green tea leaves are delicate and should be prepared with great care. If you are already, you can buy and order tea bags online. Next time, ensure you take the tea bags out of the hot water slightly earlier than usual. A light brew is made by dipping the tea bags into hot water for just one minute. If you prefer a more potent concoction, let the tea bags soak in hot water for up to 2 minutes. To avoid bitterness in green Tea, don’t boil the water too long.

Get accurate temperature

What happens if you let food cook for too long? It will burn, right? It is essential to brewing green Tea at the correct temperature and at the right time. This will help you get the best flavors.

Too hot water will produce more caffeine, which can lead to bitter-tasting results. Adding loose green tea leaves to boiling water is also not recommended. Instead, brew your Tea in hot water at a temperature between 75 and 85 degrees Celsius.

Side note – Use fewer leaves to get a delicate flavor. The more leaves you use, the stronger the flavor.

Sweetener added!

How can you cut down on bitterness? This is a simple answer! It can be sweetened.

You can use stevia or any other sweetener if the bitterness makes it challenging to drink green Tea. This will reduce the bitter taste of the Tea. HONEY is another natural way to enhance the flavor of green Tea. Honey is a natural flavor enhancer that dissolves in hot water. It is excellent for people who are health conscious. Its delicate aroma compliments the green Tea’s grassy notes.

Avoid granulated sugar. It doesn’t dissolve well and can stick to the bottom of your cup, leading to inconsistent taste in every drink. Are you ready to begin your green tea journey? Get Wagh Bakkri Green Tea online to get all these tips.

Add lemon juice or other flavors.

Lemon and its citrusy zing can enhance the flavor of green Tea without adding sweetness.

You can squeeze a lemon or add lemon juice to your green Tea. However, it is best not to make your Tea too hot as the Vitamin C structure in lemon juice will break down at temperatures above 86°C. This could cause a change of flavor. Let the Tea cool to a drinkable temperature before adding the lemony zest.

You can add freshly grated ginger to your green Tea for a more decisive kick. To create a pleasant bouquet of flavor and aroma, spices like cinnamon and ginger pair well with the vegetal bitterness in green Tea.

If you want to try herbal teas more, add 3-4 mint leaves to your green Tea. The addition of mint counters the bitterness of green Tea and adds a refreshing mintiness to the overall experience. You can order green Tea online from India to get started. Wagh Bakri Mint Green Tea is an excellent choice for fans of Wagh Bakri Tea. It comes with a mint flavor already added!

You can also add oranges or apples to your green Tea. The sweetness of the fruit balances out the Tea’s astringency, making it less obvious as the flavors dominate. You can add fruit to your green Tea in the same manner as lemon wedges. After the Tea has cooled, let the fruits steep for a few minutes before you serve it. Many studies claim that adding lemon and fruit to green Tea can increase its benefits.

You now know green Tea is healthy and delicious. Don’t delay in starting your journey to a happy, healthy life. Order organic green Tea online from India and get started today!

Independent studies back all claim made on the blog.

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