Two old friends: Scrabble & Iced Tea

Today is World Scrabble Day. This reminded me of summer holidays spent with my sister. We could play board games for hours. My eight-year old brain couldn’t grasp monopoly or managing money.

Words changed my life. I was the child who read a lot. You can find me in the waiting area of the doctor’s office and I will be reading medicine brochures. Look out for me in the food court, where I’ll be reading menus. I ate books. I kept a list of all Enid Blyton books and checked them off one at a time. Scrabble was an extension of my love for the written words. Iced Teas became my friend, and the dictionary became my companion.

My sister and me had unwritten rules. We competed to see who could make the longest and most difficult word. We kept track of each word we made, and I kept meticulous records. We all laughed and had a lot of fun, no matter who won. It’s summer in India and I am flooded with beautiful memories as I reach for my Iced Tea.

As I delve into my memories, I’ll be digging out my old board for World Scrabble Day.

Except as an adult, I prefer green tea because it increases my memory which gives me all the ammunition you need to play Scrabble. These Iced Tea Recipes will inspire you to make your Iced Tea. We hope you enjoy.

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