Many solutions to women’s inexplicable cramps are based on myths about menstruation. We have tried everything from grandma’s homemade remedy to mg tablets. But we always need to determine which is the most effective and lasting. Herbal teas are a great solution, especially if they contain specific ingredients with healing properties that help ease the cramps. The PCOS PCOD tea is designed to relieve period cramps. Green tea-origin tea is part of a healthy period to reduce the flow. PCOS PCOD Green Tea is sugar-free and a mixture of earthy spices and tea leaves.

Green tea leaves are rich in antioxidants and help coagulate blood. This reduces blood clotting by a greater degree. The epigallocatechin in the green tea leaves also helps to reduce the flow. PMS can be hard to ignore during periods as hormones such as estrogen and progesterone are produced, causing mood swings. Green tea leaves are rich in L-theanine, which calms and relaxes your body to combat mood swings. By tea origin, PCOS PCOD green tea helps reduce bloating and ease cramps.

Garcinia cambogia and Elaichi: This ingredient is found in PCOS/PCOD-relieving green teas of tea origin. It can balance mood, appetite, and digestion. In PCOS/PCOD, the need can be highly affected. You may feel overly hungry or not eat anything at all. More serotonin makes you feel happy and less hungry. Elaichi also helps with digestion, appetite, and maintaining a healthy diet.

Shatavari & Ashoka: PCOS, a polycystic disorder that can lead to ovarian carcinoma later in life, is a terrible disease. Shatavari balances hormones that are decreased in PCOS. Tea origin PCOS/PCOD Green tea contains Ashoka, Shatavari, and other ingredients that reduce the chances of an irregular menstrual cycle. It helps to balance the process so that it appears in a regular intervals of 28-34 days.

Moringa, Methi & Elaichi: Women with PCDS/PCOD who are insulin-sensitive. This is because this condition causes PCOS. Insulin resistance can cause hormonal imbalances. Meshi normalizes blood sugar levels by normalizing glucose metabolism and increasing insulin sensitivity. Moringa lowers blood insulin levels.

Lodhra and Manjishtha are two other magical PCOS/PCOD Green Tea ingredients. They have properties that refine the blood, rejuvenate the uterus, and promote healthy periods. Manjishtha is also beneficial for skin problems as it cleanses the blood.

Himalayan Nettle – Women with PCOS and PCOD are more likely to produce male hormones, such as DTH. This can be due to the liver’s inability to function correctly. This nettle improves liver function and is, therefore, helpful in hormonal balance.

Punamaya is a great way to lose weight for women with PCOD and PCOS. Punarnava, a component of PCOS PCOD Green Tea of tea origin, helps to lose weight and regulate periods. It also eases cramps.

These ingredients are also used to treat PCOS and PCOD in Ayurvedic medicine. This unique herbal soothing medicated Tea, specially made for women suffering from PCOD/PCOS, is a magical, healing tea. You will notice the results very quickly. This PCOS PCOD special green tea is a gift for women who suffer from this terrible disease. See the magic for yourself!

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