Single Origin Tea will change the way you drink.

For centuries, tea has been a popular drink around the globe. Many people drink it daily. Due to its culture of consumption, we have become accustomed to associating tea with tranquility and calmness. Tea is often consumed silently, with your thoughts and cup as the only focus. Have you ever wondered what it is? Single-origin coffee and tea are the latest trends in food and beverage. What does it mean? This means that each batch of tea has a history, just as wine does! When you drink tea, you also taste that particular batch’s history. We’ll go back and discuss the origins of tea, or ‘terroir.’ The French word terroir means “the soil.”

Tea Origin”>Single-origin tea is here to change how you drink. Every tea is unique, and each step in the production process impacts how it tastes. Each batch of tea has a different taste because of where it’s grown, the weather, how it’s been processed, and how it is brewed. Let’s talk about tea’s terroir and go back to its origin. What does terroir mean? Terroir is “a set of environmental variables (such as soil, climate, and geography) that help determine the unique qualities of a coffee, wine, or tea.” The most notable example of this is the variety of coffees and teas that you can taste around the globe. The flavor of each type of tea is determined by where it is grown and processed.

The climate and soil affect the flavor of tea, as does how it is processed. Each place has its terroir, meaning each tea batch tastes different. You may think, “ I only want a cup of tea.“. Can single-origin Teas give you the flavor profile you are looking for?

“Single-origin tea” means different things to different individuals. Some companies use this term to identify teas from a specific country. Some companies use “single-origin” to indicate tea produced at a single plantation. Some use “single origin” to denote tea made on a single plantation.

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