Relax and reduce stress through Yoga or meditation, as well as Herbal Tea

Are you feeling stressed? Stress and anxiety impact our physical and mental health in many ways. If your daily routine has been affecting your well-being and happiness, We suggest a practical and tried-and-true trio of anxiety-busting techniques: yoga, tea, and meditation!

It doesn’t matter if you’re struggling to get enough rest because of racing thoughts or your ever-growing to-do lists make you want to curl up under the blankets; changing your routine every day could have a dramatic impact.

Below, we outline the minor tweaks to your routine that may help reduce anxiety and stress and ultimately lead to a healthier and happier you!

Do not drink coffee: Begin Your Morning with herbal tea

If you hurry throughout your day, sipping cup after cup of coffee and slurping through your morning coffee, you’re prepping yourself for a crash that will occur at the end of your day. Be aware of your mood and energy levels after the caffeine has left your body, and you’re likely to notice a significant drop.

There is a scientific explanation as to the reason this is happening. The body produces more dopamine and adrenaline whenever we drink caffeine. As these chemicals’ levels decrease, so do our mood and energy levels.

It’s a fact… drinking hot beverages at the beginning of your day is among the simplest pleasures of life. Swapping your jittery cup of coffee for a relaxing tea with herbs can help you start the day imore healthily. Here’s how:

Caffeine-free herbal teas are great for hydrating. We need proper water intake to ensure that our bodies are well-balanced with fluids. Alongside keeping the body’s systems in good working order and being hydrated, it aids in keeping the mind optimal.

More caffeine = less anxiety. If you rely on the double shot of espresso to help you get through busy mornings, the caffeine may be causing stress, jitters, and even adrenal fatigue, which could result in long-term health issues. The switch to herbal tea may aid in easing the uncomfortable, anxious sensation, particularly if frequently overwhelmed.

Enjoy a Morning Cuppa: Herbal Tea Recommendations to Jumpstart Your Day

After having a taste of a range of delicious, uplifting teas, we’d like to give you a few of our favorites:

The Pukka Three Cinnamon Tea – This organic blend combines Indian, Indonesian, and Vietnamese cinnamon. It’s a pleasure to sip at the beginning of your day. Cinnamon has been known to balance blood sugar levels, and this mix is likely to keep you on a steady pace all day.

Tock Tock Rooibos Green Tea Naturally caffeine-free and with a refreshing fresh flavor, This popular British tea is mild and mildly sweet and allows your body, taste buds, and mind to wake up gradually. The best part is that you’ll feel a slight energy boost without the uncomfortable side effects of jitters.

Twistings from London The Twinings of London & Ginger Tea – If you need an energy boost, This naturally caffeine-free blend will energize your senses. The zingy aroma and flavor will awaken you and help you get through the day.

Hydrate, Then Meditate

We do not intend to disrupt your day. However, if you can spare 5 or 10 minutes before starting your day’s tasks, We highly suggest a short meditation. Only a few minutes during the day can ease stress and cope with daily stresses better. One Medical Group says, “Beginning your day in a calm, relaxed state can help you be less bothered by the little frustrations in life and reduce overall stress and anxiety.”

We are particularly attracted to mindfulness meditation. Research has shown that a mindfulness-based practice can reduce anxiety, aid in dealing with illness, and assist in recovering. It has also been associated with lower levels of depression and improved general health.

While meditation can be an excellent method to begin your day, it’s okay to meditate when appropriate. There’s no perfect or incorrect moment!

Include Movement with Yoga

In addition to tea with herbal ingredients and a meditation routine, Incorporating yoga into your schedule could make you happier. Based on Psychology Today, 80-90 percent of doctor’s visits are attributed to stress. However, the majority of doctors aren’t in favor of yoga or meditation; studies suggest that they ought to! A survey conducted in Psychology Today notes that more than 85 percent of people who took yoga classes reported lower stress.

Since yoga integrates the body and mind, The benefits are innumerable. The body’s stress hormone levels may decrease with regular practice, resulting in lower stress levels and a greater sense of peace and wellbeing.

Start Small

Incorporating herbs, meditation, and yoga into your daily routine could change your life and be transformative, but don’t undervalue the power of making minor modifications in time. It is possible to begin with a cup of tea in the morning and an hour of yoga at night before you go to bed. Change your routine according to your own pace, but foremost, enjoy the practice.

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