Peppercorn & Lemon Tea recipe

All warm teas are soothing. Did you know that Peppercorn & Lemon Tea won this race?

In my Instagram stories, I recently asked people what their favorite ingredient was for the monsoon. Then I used that ingredient to create a tea recipe. Some replied with lemon, ginger, or lemongrass. Others said cardamom. One of my friends responded, “Peppercorn,” to make me laugh. Instead, I decided to use this ingredient as the star ingredient.

The peppercorn is also called Kali Mirchi (in Hindi). It’s a mildly spicy ingredient. It is commonly used in cooking, as a spice, or to season dishes. Peppercorns are available in a variety of varieties. The most common is a black dried peppercorn.

Lemon also is one of the most commonly used ingredients in all households. I add lemon to almost every tea I make. It gives the tea a fresh taste and helps the color to pop.

Peppercorns and Lemons together were an excellent combination. This tea has many health benefits that I discovered through my own experience.

It helps soothe a sore throat

Helps in digestion

Weight loss is possible with this product

Cold & cough prevention

Natural detoxification of the body

Recipe for Peppercorn & Lemon Tea

This tea was made using fresh ingredients that I had at home. I suggest using dried black peppercorns that have a strong scent. Use extra peppercorns if you do not get a strong aroma of spice when you smell the peppercorns. Stale peppercorns can ruin the taste of this tea.

Ingredients Required:

Peppercorns 5-7

Lemon slice

2 Cups Hot Water

Honey – 1 tsp if needed


You can also watch the video to see a complete demonstration. Scroll down to see the recipe.

Bring 2 cups of water to a boil. Pour the boiling water into a teapot.

Add peppercorns and cover the mixture. Allow it to steep for about 2-3 minutes.

Pour the tea into a cup, then add a slice of lemon.

Enjoy it warm. If required, you can add 1/2 teaspoon of honey to each cup.

This is one of the most effective teas for a sore cough. It is also perfect for cold evenings.

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