Matcha Green Tea vs. White Tea Which one is better?

We all have our favorite teas, whether it’s Oolong, green, or black tea. We all love a certain tea for its unique taste. But we also want to know about the health benefits. When I think of healthy brews, Matcha green tea and white tea come to mind.

White tea is expensive because it’s rare. It is usually made from the first flush of tea leaves and quickly purged from the buds. It is left in the sun to dry and wither, and undergoes very little processing. This ensures that it has less oxidation. Because of its lower level of tannins, white tea is easier to digest than black and green teas. Flavonoids are found in white tea, which can improve blood circulation and prevent heart disease. White tea is also popular because it aids in weight loss. Because the leaves are picked at an earlier stage, white tea is more bitter than green teas.

Matcha is often priced higher than normal green tea because it has ten times as many health benefits. Matcha is grown in shade, which increases its Chlorophyll and amino acids. Matcha is made from the whole leaf and ground into powder. This gives the matcha a fresh, vegetal flavor. This superfood is rich in antioxidants and boosts metabolism. It has been linked to cancer prevention.

Which is better? Matcha or white tea. Matcha is traditionally served in Japanese tea ceremonies so we give it a thumbs up. Both Matcha green and white teas are full of goodness. Matcha has a high level of Caffeine so we recommend drinking it before breakfast. Our white tea is made with Lavender and it’s the perfect low-caffeine option to enjoy at the end of a long, tiring day. You will feel relaxed and get a good night’s sleep.

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