Leaf Stackable Tea Canister Tins

Although it may seem like a basic tea tin, this one was crafted over many months. Our goal was to improve the functionality of tea storage tins so you can keep your teas neat and organized with all the information you need.

These are the main features.


The size has been adjusted to fit a standard pack of tea. You will waste space and have too much air in your canister. You can use them to transfer your tea right away. You will need to split two canisters if you have more tea than fits in the canister.

Each measuring 8cmX10cmX7cm


There are many types of metal, and this is the food grade. Thanks to the lids and stackable seals, the tea will stay fresh and free from light.


We have made the tin diameter compatible with Boveda humidity control packets for those who need extra humidity control.


Two large areas have been provided to label your tea and add notes or tastings. There are several ways to do this:

  • Each Mei Leaf tea label can be peeled and has the same dimensions as the label space on the containers. This will display your Name, Tasting Notes and SCOPE, and Brewing Instructions neatly on the storage.
  • These labels are very similar to AVERY 5199 labels. You can print/write or label your teas with a pack of labels. The Mei Leaf circle logo is the same size and shape as AVERY HRR01 on the lid. This allows you to label the top if you store your teas in drawers.
  • The texture of the canister is suitable for writing directly with either semi-permanent or chalk pens. These can be removed by wiping the teacup with a damp cloth. Our Brewing parameter symbols have been printed to make it easy to write how you want the tea brewed.


Tabs are placed around the canister’s top and bottom to indicate the type of tea. To colour the tea type, you can use a chalk pen or semi-permanent marker to mark it. This visual aid will easily see the tea types and organize your teas according to tea types.

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