After making a new batch of black tea, I added a little brown syrup to the cup. The syrup was perfect for my morning tea, which is usually quite strong and sometimes astringent. This sweet and creamy concoction is great over ice on sunny days. This Iced Brown Sugar Black Tea Latte recipe can be made in minutes. A malty black tea is paired with milk for a caramel-like sweetness and a hint of toffee flavor. In no time, you will be enjoying a refreshing and caffeinated drink.

Milk Tea vs. Tea Latte vs. Milk Tea: What is the Difference?

You guessed it! Milk tea You can also have milk and tea. Condensed, evaporated, or whole milk are the most common types. However, you can also find dairy-free options.

You can enjoy it hot or cold. For bubble tea, add tapioca pearls and boba.

You can make milk tea with many types of tea, but the most popular is black tea. Jasmine Milk Tea, and Roasted Milk Tea (made from hojicha), are both common.

Tea lattes can be a type of milk tea. Tea lattes are similar to those made with coffee-based milk teas. They usually include frothed or steaming milk. You can make it hot or cold.

This drink could be called Brown Sugar Milk Tea. The original Taiwanese Brown Sugar Milk Tea doesn’t contain tea. It only contains brown sugar, tapioca pearls, and milk.

However, this recipe contains tea. This brown sugar milk tea is also available without tapioca pearls. This is why I call it an Iced Brown Sugar Black Tea Latte.

This recipe contains the following ingredients.

Black Tea

A bold black tea such as Ceylon or Assam is recommended. These black teas are common in breakfast tea blends, so you can also use an English or Irish Breakfast tea.


You should steep black tea with 100°C/212°F boiled water. You can make a tea latte by cold brewing the black tea.

Brown Sugar Syrup

This is not something you should buy! It can be made at home in under 3 minutes using only 2 ingredients. This is the recipe.

– Milk

This latte can be made with your favorite milk. You may have to adjust the amount of brown sugar syrup according to the sweetness of your milk. When using 1 percent milk, I prefer 1.5 tablespoons of syrup.

Iced Brown Sugar Black tea Latte Recipe

This recipe yields one eight-ounce glass. Double the recipe to make more

Here’s what you need:

1 cup black tea, 1 bag of tea

1/2 cup water, fresh boiled

1 tablespoon brown sugar syrup

1/4 cup milk



Add the black tea to a cup or teapot. Allow steeping for five minutes.

After brewing the tea, strain the tea leaves and remove the tea bags.

Add 1-2 tablespoons brown sugar syrup to a glass. You can add more sugar syrup or less, depending on how sweet you like.

Pour milk into the glass and fill it with ice.

Serve the black tea in a glass.

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