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Tea parties are fun, delicious, and satisfying. It is a great way to make new friends and reconnect with old ones. Inviting people into your home and preparing something beautiful, elegant, refined, delicious, or both is a fantastic art. This is something we’ve long forgotten in favor of the convenience and ease of eating at restaurants. A tea party can be an excellent way to bring beauty into your home. It should be fun and creative to prepare the tea. Not only are you creating a relaxing environment for yourself, but you’re also nurturing the people you love and providing an inspiring and relaxing experience. These are ten things you should consider when planning your tea party.

 The Guest List

The most crucial aspect of your Tea Party is who you invite. It would be best if you chose people who you think will be attractive to each other but might not know each other well. If you plan to invite two close friends, it is a good idea to avoid asking them. They may be more likely to share their insider jokes or pair up. Between 4-8, people is the ideal number. The perfect number of people is between 4 and 8. This allows for plenty of conversation and some quiet time if needed.

Most importantly, you can fit as many guests at your table as possible. You can remove the chair from the table if there is an empty spot. There are additional considerations if you plan to host a tea party. See our blog post “Tips for Tea Party Occasions.”


While printed invitations sent by the post office look the best, it is not possible to invite guests using email. You can create your own invitation and mail it to each guest for a personal touch. The event app might be helpful for significant events such as baby showers, but they can also be used to send out invitations individually. If you need to know the dietary restrictions of any guests, please include them in your invitation. Include both the start time and the end time of the event. The start time should be considered an “arrival” time. You can then seat the guests and take their orders for 30 minutes. A perfect Afternoon Tea Party should last between 1 1/2 and 2 hours.


Today’s society has few people who can afford grand parlors. Your tea party will likely take place at your table. It will help you feel relaxed and peaceful by keeping things tidy and clean. You can simplify the area to ensure that people don’t get distracted and their attention is on the table. A lit candle in the guest bathroom is a nice touch. Although candles are not recommended for Afternoon Tea tables, they can be placed in the surrounding area. Music is up to you. If you prefer a quiet Baroque or classical playlist for a traditional tea, it’s okay. However, if you and your guests would like something different, that’s also fine. The music should be relaxing and refined and not interrupt or limit conversations.

 Tableware and Teaware:

You don’t have to spend much money on teaware or silverware to host a lovely tea party. But a beautiful table set for tea is more elegant than any fancy teaware. You don’t have to own Grandma’s china, but you can find mismatched teacups at the local flea market. This makes your table unique and fun. Teacups must always come with a saucer. Otherwise, the incredible sound of China clinking will not be possible. At each setting, there should be a cup and a saucer. The handle should be turned to four o’clock. A small salad plate, fork, knife, and napkin should also be provided. Your food trays should be placed on the table in an easy-to-reach place. A tray with a tiered design or individual plates for your teatime treats can be used. You can also include small tongs, so people don’t have to touch the food.


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