Holiday Tea Pairings

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Are you looking for information on holiday tea pairings? This is the place for you! Revolution Tea loves Tea and the winter holidays. Combining Tea with holiday treats can make for some amazing flavour combinations.

Read on to learn how to pair Tea with the perfect dessert to serve your holiday guests. This article will give you ideas for holiday tea pairings and discuss the best teas for specific foods and treats.

What Is a Tea Pairing? Why is it Important?

Similar to wine and tea pairings, particular flavours or types work well with certain holiday desserts, snacks, or sides. Different types of Tea can accompany different dishes, just as white wine is good with fish and red with steak.

For example, green tea pairs well with fresh, spicy flavours like peppermint and cinnamon, while black Tea works best with rich, nutty flavours.

You are free to create your holiday tea pairings, and we recommend them! This guide includes information about green, black, oolong and herbal teas. You can create delicious combinations no matter what your pantry has!

Green Tea

The same leaves are used to make green Tea as Black Tea. However, the Tea is not oxidized. This results in a milder flavour and a greener-gold colour. Green Tea has a fruitier taste and a more “grassy” flavour than black Tea. Green Tea contains approximately 30 mg of caffeine per cup.

Green Tea is best paired with minty or cinnamon-based desserts. Green Tea can be enjoyed with cinnamon rolls, peppermint cookies, or cinnamon cobbler for dessert. Please browse our selection of green tea to get going.

Black Tea

Camellia sinensis plants make black Tea. However, unlike green teas, the tea leaves are oxidized to preserve and bring out the flavours. It is rich in colour and can be sweetened or savoury depending on how it was made. It contains approximately 47 mg of caffeine per cup.

Black Tea’s darker, richer flavour pairs well with meats and other nutty flavours. You can pair it with bread pudding, pecan pie, or a hearty meal such as a shepherd’s or pot pie. Get a variety of black Tea now from Revolution Tea and make your combinations!

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea, a type of black Tea, is specially dried and smoked to create unique flavours. In China, it was first produced in the 16 century. It has a strong and spicy flavour. This Tea has a lower caffeine content than black Tea, at around 30 mg per cup.

The unique flavour pairs well with savoury charcuterie boards. Oolong tea can also be enjoyed with sweet and tangy desserts such as fruitcake, cranberry cheesecake and apple pie. Browse our collection of oolong Teas to see these delicious combinations!

White Tea

Like the other teas, White tea is made from the Camellia Sinensis plant. It is harvested when the leaves are still green and tender. This is the main difference. It is usually picked before the buds open fully. White Tea is rich in antioxidants and has a low level of caffeine (usually around 6-55 mg per cup).

It is a subtle, soft and light tasting flavour that pairs well with simple flavours. Our top pairings are sugar cookies, shortbread cookies, or sour cream pound cake. These delicious treats are a great pairing with White Tea. Get white Tea today and get these great ideas!

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is any type of Tea made from non-tea herbs or ingredients, such as lemon, mint, chamomile or chamomile. There are many herbal teas available, and not all are created equal. You can also mix herbal teas from many different ingredients. This type of Tea usually contains 0mg of caffeine.

Our herbal teas are typically sweet and aromatic and can be paired well with bitter and tart fruits such as cranberries and granny smith apples. Try herbal tea with an apple tart, crumble, pie, or cranberry crisp. Browse our collection of herbal teas today!

Revolution Tea Holiday Tea Pairings

These holiday tea pairings were unique and inspiring. Revolution Tea offers a wide range of tea pairings. Start building your holiday tea pairings menu online today.


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