Five fun tea pranks

The perfect day to have fun with colleagues or friends at work is the first of April. Trunky doesn’t think you are the type who enjoys plotting evil schemes or spending weeks planning pranks. Everyone loves a joke, even if they are the one who gets it. These are five ways to confuse, surprise and baffle your coworkers using the best thing in life – tea.

The Peppers Tea

You will find powdered tea by stepping into the canteen with your best pepper. While most people grab quick-fix tea bags, your target is the tea enthusiasts willing to take the time to enjoy freshly brewed tea leaves. They know that if they put in the effort and are patient, they can enjoy a more flavorful and fragrant cup of tea. It’s your job to stop them from waking up with tingling tastebuds on this wonderful day.

Enjoy a cup of perfect tea made with untampered tea leaves.

Sprinkle un-peppered leaves on top of the disgusting mixture to conceal your prank. Enjoy your tea and leave the room.

The Mollycoddle

Your colleagues can rediscover their childhoods by having them spruce up their coffee and tea with lumpy nostalgia. Watch your friends transform their delicious drinks into baby food by replacing the milk powder in their canteen with powders such as Cerelac and Lactogen. Delicious but confusing.

The Audacity

This prank will surprise anyone in your office who enjoys drinking teas of all kinds, whether they are tea lovers or those who prefer black teas. Switch light teas such as Camomile to stronger teas like Assam. Funny stories will be told later about the confused wonderment with which your friends stare down at their cups when their tea changes colour.

Unexpected Cafe

You have to be patient and practice subtle tea.

Open the tea bags by carefully slicing them off the top. > Fill the tea bags with freshly ground coffee powder. Use clear tape to seal the bags. Place the ‘tea bags’ in their designated place in your office canteen. > Show off your handyman skills.

Get Your Bottoms Up

You’re probably familiar with the fact that you have scanned through the Facebook profiles of your coworkers in the past. You are probably doing it right now. You have probably seen those funny photos from college or that night out with your best friends. Trunky also has embarrassing photos of him but admits that they can be very useful sometimes.

Choose your prankster. Find a funny, bizarre, or cute photo of your prankee. Make a small print of the photo. Attach the print to their coffee mug. Please encourage them to converse with others while they drink from the cup. The strategically placed photo will make everyone around you giggle at your prankster whenever they take a sip.

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