Fall Cleanse: Your Tea Cabinet

There are a lot of “fall cleanses” out there in the present. There, indeed are some that are outright fake. However, certain ones have good intentions. Most cleanses require the purchase of new products or the disposal of some, which is a good thing in some instances. The best approach to the cleanse is to look at what you have in your kitchen before purchasing something new. Are you satisfied with your tea collection? Seriously, to take a look… up to from the bottom of your cupboard.

Inspiring by the Twitter accounts @teaaholic, and the hashtag #drinkwhatyouown, This method is about cleaning your tea cupboard ethically to go through the things you already have before having a new experience. It’s the first step in becoming less wasteful.

Boom. Find a cleaner option than this.

Don’t eat any food that’s expired… however, you should take a deep look through your pantry and discover what you’ve been putting off.

Here are some teas that were tasted, savored, and put back on the shelf to let enough space for the next one. It’s time for them to shine once more. We hope that this will encourage you as well!

This fruit-forward tea from TranquiliTeaTempleis composed of black tea and pieces of apricot, along with blackberry leaves, calendula, and sunflower blossoms. ? It’s not the most seasonal mix. However, it was a pleasant snack amid all that pumpkin spice.

A few months back, Camellia Sinensis was nice enough to provide samples of their recently opened Tea Studio in Nilgiri, India. The Green tea Mao Feng was one of the samples. There’s always a time to drink green tea.

The blend includes Assam and Yunnan teas, known as Buddha’s Cup, from The House of Tea. It’s the perfect breakfast tea- robust, yet not too smoky.

This may be pretty infectious and extend to other areas in your residence. Soon, you’ll invite your friends to tea tastings; bring your tea to the bedroom and sort through your clothes. You’ll create an itemized pile for donations, plan a swap of clothes, and before you know it, you’ll have a new wardrobe and space for an additional tea collection.

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