Drinking tea has many health benefits

Many scientists have investigated the health benefits of tea. There is now increasing evidence that tea may be able to prevent some serious illnesses like obesity and cancer.

Research has shown that three to five cups of tea per day is better than just one cup of water. The antioxidants in tea are thought to boost the body’s health and rehydrate it.

Tea drinking is one of the most health-promoting beverages

These are the health benefits scientists believe tea drinking can provide

  • Tea lowers your risk of developing heart disease Tea may increase blood flow by opening up key arteries and decreasing the chance of getting clots. Flavonoids, antioxidants found in tea, may help slow the progression and risk of heart disease.
  • Tea hydrates your body. Although water is the best fluid to dehydrate after exercise or long days at work, some scientists believe tea might be as effective. Tea is rich in flavour and caffeine, but it’s still great for hydration.
  • Tea prevents tooth damage Whether you believe it or not, regular tea intake can strengthen your teeth and reduce the chance of developing tooth decay. Tea is a good source of fluoride that can help strengthen tooth enamel. Antibiotics found in tea have been shown to protect against gum disease and bacteria.
  • How to lose weight by drinking tea? Some scientific studies suggest that regular tea drinking may help reduce body fat and increase metabolism. It’s also less fattening than drinking a soft drink.
  • Tea can boost memory power – Many scientists believe that green tea and other teas, like tea, can help prevent the development of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. It’s no wonder that seniors love tea.
  • Tea drinking can help you beat cancer – Recent high-profile studies suggest that tea drinking may be a good way to prevent it. While research in this area is still ongoing, breast, prostate and mouth cancer incidences are lower for those who drink at least five cups of tea per day.

Different types of healthy tea

There are many health benefits to tea; it’s never been better to get the kettle on

  • Health benefits of green tea  In addition to all the health benefits, green tea can also be used to strengthen bones and improve liver performance. Brew the best out of your green tea with loose leaves, not the tea bag. This will add flavor and increase the number of antioxidants in your green tea.
  • Health benefits of black tea  While green tea is often the most talked about, black tea has many health benefits as green tea. It is rich in antioxidants, which protect the gums and mouth from viruses. Additionally, black tea has been shown to increase blood flow by up to 50%, helping prevent blood clots.
  • The benefits of (or Oolong) tea This tea is great for burning calories and boosting your immune system. Wu long is sweeter than green tea. This gives it a more pleasant taste and has many health benefits.
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