CTC Tea vs. Orthodox Tea

When we go to buy tea, we often come across terms like Orthodox Tea and CTC Tea. Ever wondered what these teas are? Learn more about tea by reading this blog!

What is CTC Tea Tea?

CTC tea is also known as “crush tear curl.” It is a tea made by machine. The leaves are crushed into pellets, then torn and curled. CTC teas are often used as tea bags because of this process. This tea is commonly used to give tea blends like chai a rich flavor.

What is Orthodox Tea?

Orthodox tea, also known as hand-made tea, is made from leaves. The leaves are rolled into different shapes, like the classic “gunpowder.” This preserves the tea leaves aroma, flavor, and natural oils. The result is a more flavorful and complex tea. Loose-leaf loose tea is made from orthodox tea and is considered superior to tea bags.

CTC Tea vs. Orthodox Tea

CTC Tea is processed differently than Orthodox Tea. CTC Tea uses machines to produce it, while Orthodox Tea uses traditional methods.

CTC Tea is more robust in flavor and aroma, whereas Orthodox Tea is fuller-bodied. CTC Tea costs less than Orthodox Tea due to its mechanized production.

Orthodox Tea, however, is considered of higher quality because of its traditional methods. If you want a cup of tea that is strong and flavourful, choose CTC Tea.

Orthodox Tea is an excellent choice if you want a full-bodied, aromatic, and rich tea.

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