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There is nothing better than sipping a cup of soothing tea to wake up, relax your mind, and soothe your body at night. You are sure to have a lot of teabags if you love tea. But did you know that there are other uses for them? You’re not wrong, I know. Cleaning with tea bags is possible.

You might think twice about throwing out your tea bags next time you have a cup of tea. These easy cleaning tips with tea bags will help you take better care of your home.

Trivia about Tea Bags

Did you know that America is 35th among the top 55 tea-drinking countriesStatistics showed that Americans consumed over 3.8 billion gallons of tea in 2019, equivalent to 84 billion cups of tea.

Tea is a favorite beverage, mainly black tea. A survey found that black tea is the most popular tea in the USA, followed closely by green tea. Only a tiny percentage of Americans prefer other teas, such as white, dark, and oolong.

We have developed a love of tea over the years due to its many health benefits and relaxing effects. We will now appreciate the cleaning capabilities of tea bags and tea.

Tea bags are great for cleaning:

Teas can leave a mark on our cups, so it’s hard to believe that tea bags are a great way to clean the house. But I’m happy to tell you that tea bags can have excellent cleaning properties that we can use!

Tannins can be found in tea or other beverages as plant compounds. This chemical can remove grease, improve the appearance of wood, prevent rust and even have healing properties. Amazing, right?

Tea bags can also absorb odors naturally, apart from tannins. Tea bags can be used to get rid of stale smells. These cleaning tips with tea bags will give you an idea of what to do.

Simple and practical tips for cleaning tea bags

You don’t have to throw out your teabag after drinking, so why not use its impressive cleaning capabilities? There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. Here are some ideas for using tea bags you have yet to use.

Discard Grease

Do you have a lot of greasy dishes, baking sheets, and utensils to use? It is best to place it all in a sink. Add warm water and two to three tea bags. Let it sit overnight. It will amaze you how little cleaning is required after the tea has drained the grease from your dishes.

Polished and Shine Hardwood Floors and Furniture

Tannins in black tea can shine wood naturally, removing grease and grime. Use tea bags to wipe the furniture. Dry them with a towel.

Boil a few teabags in one liter of water to clean the floor. Once the tea bag has cooled, take a soft cloth and soak it in water. Then, wring it out until it is damp and wipe it down on your wooden floor. After it cools, wipe the floor with a second soft cloth.

Take the Mice Away

Some believe that rodents don’t like the peppermint smell. You can use the tea bag from a peppermint tea you made home to keep rodents away.

You can place them anywhere, inside your cabinets or on your doors. Peppermint oil can enhance the scent and make it more powerful.

Eliminate Unwanted Odors

Are you out of baking soda? You can keep your fridge clean and free of odors by placing some tea bags in it. You can put them in an open container or on the back shelf. They absorb unwanted odors and smells, leaving behind a clean and fresh scent.

For excellent results, replace them every day for a few days.

Besides this, tea bags can also remove stale odors from shoes and hands.

Preparing food takes work. You will need to use garlic and onions when cutting and slicing. You can eliminate odors by rinsing your hands with tea leaves and rubbing them with tea.

However, your shoes don’t have to be thrown away. You can quickly eliminate bad smells by putting used tea bags in your shoes.

You can also clean your shoes with damp tea bags if they are soiled or clogged.

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