All about the DIFFERENT TYPES of TEA

What is the oldest and most natural drink on Earth? You guessed it correctly. It’s tea.

Tea is an aromatic infusion made by boiling water and macerating the tea leaves for a few moments. Tea is the most sought-after beverage because there’s so much more to it than you might think.

Each tea comes with a variety of therapeutic and health benefits. Tea has been revered for centuries. You’ve likely been drinking tea for many years. Now you need to be familiar with the various types of tea available and sourced.

All “True” teas come from an evergreen shrub called Camellia Sinensis (a traditional Tea Plant). True tea is different to herbal teas (for example, Chamomile flowers or peppermint leaves). It comes from a completely different plant.

Esah’s authentic teas have their unique appearances, aromas, and essences. To preserve these elements and provide the perfect cup of tea for tea lovers worldwide, Esah ensures that tea leaves are oxidized according to their characteristics. Every leaf is unique. This magic is only possible when the tea leaves are oxidized.

Oxidation occurs naturally when the taste and colour of the leaves are altered. The process of oxidation begins with carefully rolling fresh tea leaves. This allows for oxygen to react with the leaf’s enzymes. Esah ensures that the tea leaves are exposed to oxygen control. This allows the extraction of the best aromas and flavours so that tea lovers can enjoy a delicious cup.

It produces a rich, dark, reddish-brown infusion when tea is heavily oxidized. Less oxidized teas produce lighter, yellow-green liquor, making the tea more flavorful and pleasant to the nose.

To make sense of all the variations, “True Teas” can be divided into five major categories: Black Teas, Green Teas, Oolong Teas, White Teas, Chai, and White Teas. The oxidation strength of these teas is what determines how strong they are.

Black Tea

The most well-known tea variety in the West is black tea. It is not just a popular tea in the West, and it is also well-known worldwide. Have you ever wondered what makes black tea so black? Black tea is fully oxidized, altering the leaf’s chemical properties, creating dark, rich colours with brisk, strong flavours that last for many years.

Esah’s skilled artisans carefully dry the freshly picked leaves with air. This is to ensure the highest quality black tea. They are then allowed to wither until the leaves are soft enough to be rolled. This allows for enzymes and juices to react with oxygen. The juices from the bruised leaves are now exposed to oxygen, allowing them to turn brown slowly. The enzyme responsible for the oxidation is Polyphenol oxidase. It is controlled at low temperatures and high humidity. After the leaves have been oxidized, workers dry them to seal the process.

Black teas are rich in antioxidants, such as theaflavins (potent antioxidants), which can help lower cholesterol levels and improve blood circulation.

Green Tea

Camellia sinensis leaf is what makes green tea. Although green tea was originally made in China, it is now a common staple in many households in Asia. Each offers the finest green tea, preserving the aroma, purity, and nutrition to ensure that you have the best cup possible. Esah is a tea expert who helps you enjoy a refreshing cup of green tea with a mild yet rich taste. The processing of green tea is minimally or completely oxidized. This preserves the plant’s natural beauty, vibrant flavour and health properties, as well as its natural colour and flavour. It has a lighter colour and milder flavour.

The workers at Esah wilt the leaves until they become soft. After that, the leaves are steam steamed to stop the active enzymes from reacting with oxygen. The highest amount of EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) in green tea helps fight various deadly diseases. It can also help you lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Floral Green tea

This is a special green tea made from tender leaves. It can be streamed in less than an hour. The leaves are gently rolled. The essential oils and sap escape from the leaves during the rolling process. Finally, the leaves are dried.

The delicately rolled leaves make floral green tea milder and more appealing. It has a very delicate aroma.

Oolong Tea

Tea connoisseurs love oolong tea. Oolong teas can be partially oxidized. The brownish-coloured leaves produce a very aromatic, smooth, and untarnished tea. During production, the outer portion of the oolong leaves is allowed to oxidize while the middle is kept green. Some oolongs have amber-coloured infusions and are almost as oxidized as black teas. The other oolongs, on the contrary, are more oxidized than green tea and have a lighter appearance. They also exude a floral aroma with golden green infusions. Oolong tea is good for your metabolism, lowering cholesterol and reducing plaque in your arteries. It can also help with weight loss. It lowers blood sugar and cholesterol.

White Tea

White tea is the most healthful of all teas. It is made with baby tea leaves. Because it is so lightly processed, white tea is one of the rarest and most delicate tea varieties. The tender, nutrient-rich bud at the tip of the plant is what makes white tea.

White tea is harvested after the tea plants are fully mature, i.e. Before the buds are fully open. Many tea lovers are curious about how white tea got its name. The name “white” is given to the tea because the buds are still covered in fine white hairs. The tea is lightened by minimal oxidation. This makes white tea appear lighter while retaining its flavour, aroma, and nutrients. Our artisans pick these leaves from the buds. The leaves are then steamed before drying meticulously to prevent any further oxidization.

White tea is considered the most healthful of all teas due to its high levels of antioxidants and Theanine. Antioxidants fight to age and prevent deadly diseases. They keep the body healthy and fit. Theanine is a natural relaxant that helps to calm the mind and body. It also reduces stress levels and anxiety. It boosts concentration and strengthens the immune system.


“Chai”, Hindi for “tea”, is derived from “cha”, a Chinese term meaning “tea”. Chai is a blend of spices that has been brewed into a tea-like beverage. There are many chai recipes. The traditional chai recipe is black tea with strong spices like cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. Chai tea is usually brewed with warm water and milk and sweetened with honey or sugar.

Chai is a natural remedy that can fight many types of diseases. It lowers total cholesterol and keeps your heart healthy. It can also reduce Nausea, improve digestion, and aid in weight loss.

Esah’s principle states, “To make humankind’s lives better and more healthy.” Our community provides the most ethical and natural tea varieties to tea lovers. Each tea leaves are purely organic. They are grown organically without the use of machinery. We use traditional methods and the skilful hands of our skilled craftsmen. Esah is unique because of the collective effort that produced these various types of teas. Although the process can be time-consuming, Esah ensures that the products are never compromised. Our team works with hardworking workers to ensure that our teas are the best and most healthful.

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