Upcycle Tea Trunk Tea Tins

You’re bound to have many tea tins if you love teas as much as we do. What do you do with the tea once you’re finished drinking it? We have come up with some ideas that you might like to try. We hope they will encourage you to think of more.

Re-using a tea tin to store your favorite teas is the most obvious and obvious thing you can do. You can order refill packets online to fill your tea tins.

Here are some fun and easy DIY ideas for those who find fulfillment in doing their projects.

We have the punched tin container and candle holder. Place a printed copy of your favorite shape, letter or icon on the tin. Grab a hammer and a nail, and punch holes in the tin. Then, paint the tin with the colors you want, and place a tealight inside.

Are you looking for the perfect rustic silverware holder that matches your kitchen accessories? Make one! Take the number of tins you require and find a piece of sturdy wood to glue or nail the tins. The tins can be painted to match your kitchen design.

Tea tins can be used as desk organizers. They will keep your stuff organized and add a personal touch with a bit of color. You can also use them as jewelry, craft materials, and stationery organizers.

Our tins can be used as planters to grow cacti, succulents or herbs and create a vibrant green space in your home. For drainage, you can drill a hole in the bottom of your tin. If you prefer to keep them indoors on a table or shelf, layer small pebbles with pieces of charcoal, then mud.

Tins can also be used as vases. This is a simple but creative idea. They can be decorated with burlap, lace, or decoupage and used as vases to hold your flowers.

The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. Think outside the box, and use our tins as creatively as possible. We are excited to see what your ideas come up with.

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