Six Infusions to Put You in the Right Mood: Saucy Sips

As Valentine’s Day approaches, February brings the usual festive explosion of red and pink. This Valentine’s Day will be a little different for most people. Perhaps instead of a dinner at a fancy restaurant, you and your honey cook a romantic meal at home. Or perhaps you share a glass of wine over Skype. We have the perfect tea to get you started on the season of love, no matter your plans for the big day.

Keep reading to find out which teas are the best aphrodisiacs, from traditional herbs to infusions that make you feel good.


Licorice root is a traditional medicinal practice that has been used for centuries. It has a distinctive taste that people either love or hate. Licorice has a rich flavor profile and can alter hormone levels. This makes teas with licorice the ideal way to start your evening. The Black Velvet blend of sweet licorice and peppermint makes a delicious and refreshing cup. Enjoy a cup of black tea and discover the dark secrets that lie beneath.


Although ginseng is often referred to as a health craze, ginseng has been used for its health benefits goes back to ancient Chinese medicine. Ginseng often called “all-healing”, is thought to have many beneficial effects on the body. These include reducing anxiety and muscle relaxation. Ginseng can also increase hormone levels and improve sexual response. Try our Ginseng Berry herbal infusion for a natural, caffeine-free boost to romance. This blend has a combination of tart and mineral flavors. To fully reap the benefits of this antioxidant-rich infusion, add a cup to your daily schedule!


The jasmine flower has a heady scent that conjures tropical climates and a sensual experience. Traditional Eastern medicine considers jasmine to be a natural aphrodisiac. Make some jasmine candles and a pot of our Jasmine Dragon Pearls for the valentine. Then watch as the evening unfolds!


The rose, a classic symbol of romance and love, is a lighter floral option. Roses have a delicate but not less captivating scent and are the best choice for setting the scene for magical events. Roses are a pleasant scent, but ethno-surveys of traditional remedies, published in the Journal of Herbal Medicine, suggest that roses may also be able to put you in the right mood. Our Shanghai Rose mix combines naturally floral Pai Mu Tan White Tea with rose petals to make a light and fragrant blend for a delicate but deep-scented cup. For a unique mix of drinks, steep it hot or cold.


Chocolate, the best-known natural aphrodisiac, is also a good friend for a holiday. Chocolate is rich, creamy, and sweet. Enjoy a guilt-free dessert with our Faux Cocoa. Faux Cocoa is a sweet, antioxidant-rich rooibos blended with chocolate bits and spices to make a deliciously caffeine-free brew.


Which flavor is best with chocolate on February 14th? Strawberry. Strawberry. Our Par Amour herbal tea is a delicious infusion that’s sweet and fragrant, bursting with fresh berries. Par Amour can be enjoyed hot or cold and has a wonderful natural sweetness.

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