Masala Chai, why?

Chai is enough to make anyone smile, bring people together, and make them feel cozy and warm on a cold day. You can make it into a hug in your mug by adding some aromatic spices. What makes this drink so special? Let’s take an in-depth look.

Masala Chai, a flavoured black tea made from brewing aromatic spices and herbs, is also known as a Masala Chai. These include ginger, cloves and cinnamon, black peppers, bay leaves, cardamom, and black pepper. There will be variations in the ingredients depending on where you live or what region you are from. This golden wonder tea, which is served with milk, is loved by millions of people every day. This tea is hot because it is steaming hot and leaves a pleasant pungent taste in your throat.

Masala Chai uses black Tea for its base. This has many health benefits. Black tea is high in antioxidants, which can help improve oral hygiene and health. Its anti-inflammatory qualities can lower bad cholesterol.

Masala Chai can be brewed with black tea. It also contains the many health benefits of its spices. Ginger is good for nausea, stomach problems, and appetite loss. Cloves are antiseptic and can treat toothache. Cinnamon is known to reduce the risk of developing diabetes and protect against viruses. Black pepper aids weight loss and cognitive function. Bay leaves improve the immune system, relieve joint pain, and soothe body ache. Cardamom is known to lower cholesterol, increase blood circulation, and treat dental diseases.

Masala Chai’s beauty is that you can find a chai wallah, or tea vendor selling this tea wherever you are. It pairs well with many of our favorite spicy Indian snacks, such as samosas or pakodas. You can also enjoy it with a rusk, khari biscuit. Our tea sommelier has created our own version of the famous Masala Chai. Tea Trunk can order it

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