What is the Best Tea for Sore Throat?

The second most common acute infection doctors see in America is a sore throat. A cup of tea is a natural remedy for painful throat symptoms.

Although it is not usually life-threatening, a sore neck can be a sign that there may be more. A sore throat can also signify your body is trying to fight infection. Viruses are responsible for 85% to 95% of sore throats. A painful sore throat could indicate a more severe source of illness.

A sore throat could signify seasonal allergies, mold, or pet dander. A sore throat, no matter how serious or mild, can be a problem that makes your life difficult. A cup of tea is an excellent natural remedy to ease the pain and speed healing.

The Best Tea to Help a Sore Throat

What tea can relieve a sore throat? Warm tea can alleviate swelling and inflammation associated with sore throats. However, the right cup can speed up healing.

We have listed our top five options when you wake up with a sore throat.

Chamomile Teas

Chamomile teas such as Luxmi’s Chamomile Mintblend can be used to soothe inflamed tissues for hundreds upon hundreds of years. Chamomile’s soothing properties can help reduce swelling in the tonsils, lymph nodes, and tonsils.

Turmeric Teas

Turmeric is the best remedy for sore throats for two reasons. It is an internal anti-inflammatory stronger than chamomile and supports the body’s immune system in fighting potential infections. Curcumin, a plant compound that is both anti-viral- and anti-bacterial, is considered a superfood worldwide. Luxmi’s Turmeric Times Out is a delicious way to get this healing root.

Mint Teas

Mint Green Teas can be refreshing on a hot summer day. They are also helpful tools to keep in your natural remedies cabinet. The internal cooling effects of mint can help reduce inflammation and pain from a sore throat.


You can ease your pain by drinking a ginger-infused tea or adding a slice to your cup. Ginger has the same anti-inflammatory properties as the teas mentioned above and can also be used to treat the root cause of infection.

Tea with Ginger – Luxmi Estates Chai Adda Barrie

Honey and Lemon

To soothe a sore throat and speed up recovery, honey and lemon are great additions to hot tea. This combination provides a high level of Vitamin C and a variety of micronutrients that boost overall health. The honey can also be used to coat the throat, which can reduce pain and protect against viruses. Mix lemon juice and honey with premium green tea like our Darjeeling Green Tokyo Blend.

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