There are many ways to recycle old teas.

Do you want to refresh your home? Or do you desire lustrous locks? Tea is a great, convenient alternative to common household products. Tea does not expire, but old tea can still be used throughout the home. Don’t throw out old tea packets or tea bags. Here are 5 ways you can reuse tea in your daily life.

DIY Projects

Make fun DIY projects with old tea. You can make fragrant soaps or potpourri from the spices and flowers in tea. Although flower teas are the most beautiful, green and black teas are excellent for soap making. To make potpourri, add some essential oils to the tea. You can use this oil to brighten up your spaces.

Shine your hair

For a natural, cheaper hair shine, skip the expensive conditioner. You can use old tea bags to make weaker teas and then rub them into your hair. This acts as a natural conditioner and will make your hair shine. Use only pure teas. Tea blends can irritate your scalp and are not recommended.

Feed your garden

Make old tea, and then add the leaves to your garden as a natural fertilizer. Mix the brewed tea with a cup of water. It can be mixed and used to water flowers, especially flowering plants. To help your rosebushes bloom, you can sprinkle old loose tea leaves around them.

Get rid of your smelly feet.

Tea is widely used to eliminate unpleasant odours and smells. Soak your feet in a detoxifying bath of tea to eliminate foot odour. You can also add dried, unopened tea bags to your shoes to eliminate the unpleasant smell.

Make your home clean.

To clean your home, you can use old tea bags. Use damp tea bags to clean glass surfaces such as mirrors, doors and glasses. Remove dirt, fingerprints, and dust from glass surfaces and restore their shine. You can also use them to restore old furniture and remove any scratches or spots.

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