Psychology 101: Can Technology Make You Anxious? Learn More

In the modern-day & age when so much of our lives revolve around technology, there’s no denying that technology can sometimes contribute to anxiety. Anxiety can lead to all sorts of problems in your life, including lack of sleep and depression. One of the main contributors to such a scenario that we see today is social media. 

With the rise of social media influencers and the need for people to showcase their veiled glamorous lives, jealousy is a natural human phenomenon that can arise among many people, leading to anxiety & depression. 

How To Know That Technology Is Making You Anxious?

According to Adelaide psychological services, if you’re always on your phone checking for email notifications, social media and the internet in general, then that means that you’re more close to technology than you should. Or if you experience an anxious feeling when you don’t use your electronic devices for some duration, then only you’ll know that technology is starting to make you feel anxious. It’s like you’re always in this fear of missing out on something.

There will also be moments when you’ll find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others on social media, leading to anxiety. Additionally, sometimes technology can also prove to be a major unproductive distraction from what you’re doing in real life. For instance, you’re thinking about shopping for that product online, while you’re working on an important project for your office and ultimately getting distracted. 

All of these above-mentioned examples are of technology making you feel anxious. 

How Can You Manage Technology & Anxiety?

  1. Know The Source Of Your Anxious Feeling

Before you can solve the effects of technology from making you feel anxious, you must find the source of where the anxiety is originating. It can be social media, constantly checking emails, browsing through online shopping websites continuously or something else. 

Once you find the source, it’ll become easy to solve the issue. 

  1. Delete Or Stop Using The App

Whatever might be the source of your anxiety, you have to stop using the same. If it’s social media, then proceed to delete the apps from your phone. If it’s your emails, then turn off any notifications and so on. 

The more you eliminate technological distractions that lead to anxiety, the happier you’ll be in your life. 

  1. Proceed To Turn Off Your Most Used Devices Completely

Sometimes, turning off the device that you’re using can help you deal with technological distractions seamlessly. For instance, if you’re constantly on your gaming console playing games, proceed to simply turn off the console & TV, and instead do something productive. 

Small steps such as the ones mentioned above can make a huge difference in curbing your anxiety from technology. 

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