Tea World: Iced Tea Extract and Revolution Tea

Iced Tea can be a refreshing way to enjoy your favorite Tea at any function, event or party. Revolution Tea is proud to announce our new waste-conscious iced tea extracts available for commercial and individual consumers.

Revolution Tea: How Iced Tea Extract Is Made

Our iced teas are safer, cleaner, healthier, and more beneficial for the country, community, and world. We use state-of-the-art micro-brew technology and ultra-high temperatures of water. Revolution can extract and recover essential compounds using pure steam under vacuum conditions. This is possible with tea leaves, garden herbs and real fruit. These essential compounds, also known as essential oils, retain all organic ingredients’ flavor, color, and nutritional value. This process is far gentler than traditional extraction methods. It allows our equipment to capture aromas and flavors naturally while also minimizing any adverse effects on the flavor of the ingredients. All residual waste after extraction is composted. Yes, we compost the tea leaves, herbs and fruit back into the soil. We are passionate about sharing our passion!

What does Iced Tea Extract have to do with Sustainability and Conservation?

You may be wondering why we are so excited to announce a new style in iced Tea. Our new Iced tea Extract line is a continuation of what we started in 1998 when we created Tea.

We have always collaborated with farmers, shippers and packagers to provide clean, sustainable Tea to our customers. This has been done without any disrespect to the environment or human dignity.

This commitment to sustainability, quality, and Conservation drove us to make iced Tea better for people all over the globe.

We celebrated International Women’s Day earlier this year by discussing how we work with local communities that grow our Tea and how 80% of that workforce is female.

Earth Day was a discussion about compostable teabags and ways to reduce our environmental impact and still enjoy Tea.

Today, we will be discussing how Revolution Tea’s Iced Tea Extract products can help you save money on your hospitality expenses and add a refreshing touch to your home refreshment menu.

The Product is the Key to Sustainability

Our commitment to the environment and customers has been our constant focus. We offer consumers options based on our 4-step plan to reduce environmental impacts.

Reduce the Time It Takes to Make Tea

We aim to lower the cost of tea preparation and labor by as much as 92% in commercial sectors. This makes making iced tea extract at your home even more convenient. You can get the same quality tea at a resort in just minutes!

Historically, this has been done in the office, at the banquet, or the hotel. The fast brew extract has greatly reduced costs and allows our commercial customers to focus on the larger part of any gathering, the guests.

Water Conservation

The tea extraction process is based on protecting our homes and taking care of the Earth.

Our extract tea uses the most advanced micro-brew technology, ultra-high-temperature water, and micro-filtration. This allows us to offer individual customers the same great product while reducing water consumption by 60% in commercial hospitality settings.

Hotels, restaurants, and resorts can save 5,000 gallons per year by using our services.

Although we know that not everyone has the same amount of Tea, this new iced tea extract will be a great option for those who do. Get some now to experience the revolution in easy-to-make iced teas!

Waste Reduction

All of us are responsible for creating the future that we want. Revolution Tea believes we can all impact within and outside our company by taking the initiative to reduce waste when making Tea.

Revolution Tea uses compostable packaging. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of teabags.

The commercial sector is where we make the biggest impact on iced-tea extract. Revolution Tea makes Tea the right way, so there is no need to waste tea bags. The Tea we use to make our extracts goes straight into the compost heap.

Educate our customers about Conservation.

It is important to continue the conversation and educate as many people as possible about Revolution Tea. We encourage you to get in touch with us today to find out more about Revolution Tea or to swap your current tea product for one that is more eco-friendly.

Revolution Tea wants you to be as excited about the new product as we are. We encourage you all to have a tea party at Revolution Tea (even if it’s on Zoom) and try this amazing sustainable Iced Tea Extract.


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