Tea Traditions From Japan

Tea drinking is a tradition that has been linked to Japan’s rich cultural traditions for centuries. Green Tea is an integral part of Japanese life. Most people start their day with a cup of green Tea. Green Tea is also believed to contribute to Japanese people living longer. Green Tea is highly valued in Japan for its health benefits, which include the ability to increase blood circulation and blood vessel growth. Vitamin C in green Tea can also help to prevent germs from spreading and fight off colds.

Tea is an act of hospitality that encourages harmony and peace in Japan. Many Japanese restaurants offer green Tea free of charge to customers who come in for a meal. Refills can also be made readily. There are many green teas that Japan loves, including Sencha, Shincha, and Shincha, as well as Gyukuro, Gyukuro, Gyukuro, Gyukuro, Shincha, and Gyukuro. Matcha is used in the famous Japanese tea ceremonies known as Chanoyu Sado, Ocha, and Ocha. Japanese historians consider Murato Juko to be the originator of the tea ceremony. Juko is believed to have been influenced by the monk Ikkyu who taught him Zen practices.

Japanese tea ceremonies are held in a sacred space called a “Chashitsu.” Here guests feel at ease. “Shokyaku” is the principal guest at the ceremony. Every choreographed move during the tea ceremony is meticulously planned. From the moment guests walk through a particular door to the end, when everyone bows before they leave, this art of refinement is evident.

Wabi Sabi, an ancient art form, has its roots in Zen Buddhism. It is particularly interested in the aesthetic appeal of objects. This philosophy is exemplified during tea ceremonies when guests carefully examine and appreciate Matcha bowls and other utensils. Matcha bowls have unique imperfections like cracks, uneven shapes, and irregular glazing. These imperfections are what allow the Japanese tea grandmasters to give the potters high praise.

Matcha, a green tea, makes tea lovers rise energetically every morning in Japan. Matcha Green Tea is made from matcha. Matcha Green Tea is grown in shaded areas, allowing more chlorophyll than other tea leaves. Matcha is a superfood that offers many health benefits. Matcha, a ceremonial quality, is from Japan’s Nishio region. It comes from Aichi prefecture. Please view our complete range of Matcha products

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