Tea Party Planning Tips and Ideas

It may seem overwhelming to plan an after-school party menu. This afternoon Tea menu (also known as a high or low tea) can seem daunting, but it is pretty simple. These tips will help you plan your following tea party menu.

The Tea

It can be easy to forget about the tea when so much attention is paid to the afternoon tea menu. The tea or teas you serve are as important as the food. This list of top afternoon tea is highly recommended. They can be paired with many different foods on the afternoon tea menus. For rich, strong-flavored foods, choose bold teas. If you prefer delicate teas, go for them. If guests are sensitive to caffeine, consider including at least one herbal tea or decaf.

Milk and Condiments

Your guests can add milk, sugar, or lemon to their tea. Depending on the tea you are serving, you can offer milk, sugar, and lemon. Although some Americans enjoy Cream in their teas, it is not common in England. It is also rare to add milk to Earl Grey because the dairy tends to clash with the bergamot taste in the tea.

Scones & Scone Toppings

Scones are a popular choice for tea party menus. Scones can be sweet, savory, or simple. There is a scone recipe for every tea party, including basic buttermilk scones and sweet cinnamon scones. Raspberry scones are an excellent option for a girl’s tea party. They’re naturally pink because you mix the raspberries with the dough.

Pair your scones with appropriate toppings or spreads such as Devonshire cream, clotted Cream, or lemon Curd.

Finger Sandwiches

Full tea is a lighter style of afternoon tea. They often serve finger sandwiches, also known as “tea sandwiches.” The classic afternoon tea finger sandwiches are egg salad, tea sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, and smoked salmon finger sandwiches. These simple recipes are great for children’s tea parties.

You can make other tea sandwiches, such as watercress and buttered radish finger sandwiches. Ensure that your finger sandwiches’ flavor intensity is the same as the tea’s sweets and milk.

Other sweets

Sweet scones are not the only sweets that can be served with a full- or light tea. Many sweets can be found on tea party menus, including Madeleines and cupcakes. These are great for children’s tea parties. You should serve only a few candies at a time. Your sweets menu should include a range of flavors such as seasonal fruit, Cream, vanilla, or chocolate.

Other Savories

Some tea parties include finger sandwiches as well as soups and savory scones. Others may offer lighter delicious snacks like cheese and crackers, seasoned nuts, or soups. You can add a theme to your tea party by selecting other savories.

Other beverages

Consider serving kids’ tea parties with iced tea, juice, or punch. Also, consider serving champagne or a tea drink at adult tea parties.

Think about color and texture when you plan your tea party menu. Carefully selected colors can relate to a tea party theme, the current season, or other concepts. They can also make your tea party menu enjoyable for your guests. Similarly, various textures add to the enjoyment of the foods you serve.

Seasonal ingredients can add flavor and color to your tea party menu. Use fresh fruit, herbs, and edible flowers to enliven your menu. One example of seasonal ingredients as a focus for an afternoon tea menu is strawberry tea, a type of afternoon tea menu that includes fresh strawberries.

Consider testing each recipe at least once before your tea party. This way, you will know exactly what each food or drink tastes like beforehand and can tweak recipes or change your menu.


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