Tea of the Month

It’s pouring forks and knives. Trunky prefers to stay inside and take a warm bath. You should follow Trunky’s lead and enjoy the luxury Tea Trunk has to provide this month.

Rose Oolong is a name that is calming and indulgent. It is a blend of two soothing components that create a magical potion of youth. Oolong tea can be partially fermented and is somewhere between black tea and green tea in strength. This allows it to have the best of both.

Oolong tea is great for preventing tooth decay, weak bones, and stress. This concoction is simply delicious when you add rose to it. This is what gives the tea its soothing, floral and mellow taste. It is a symbol of both comfort and nature. It is also a great tea to use with light foods like crepes, tea-cakes and pastries. It can be enjoyed alone, with some bread snacks, or shared with friends.

Monsoon brings blossoming flowers and rain-kissed foliage, and this decadent and luxurious ‘tea in beauty’ is the perfect companion. Rose Oolong is our soothing, fragrant Tea-of-the Month and it’s available at Rs. All month long, 600 How often do you pamper yourself?

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