Tea of the Month: Long Island Green Tea

It’s the height of summer! It’s time to get rid of all your worries and winter clothes. It’s time for you to put your foot down and focus on yourself. Perhaps it’s high time to get back up! ? The Long Island Green Tea is our tea of the Month. It’s a relaxing, refreshing and refreshing green tea. This tea will make you want to grab your flip-flops and hammocks and invite you to indulge. This tea is a great choice for Long Island Iced Tea. It has a vibrant, refreshing aroma.

Our loose tea leaves are blended with mint, and our special ingredient is orange Peel. They blend well, complementing one another, and the orange peel adds a pleasant surprise. Each refreshing sip will leave you with a smile!
Long Island Green Tea is loaded with all the health benefits associated with green tea, as well as citrus and the antioxidant properties orange peel and mint leaves. Our Long Island Green Tea has a bright, fresh taste. You can enjoy it with light foods like an upside-down pineapple pie or fruity tarts.
This little box of delight celebrates the perfect combination of summer and Long Island Green Tea. It is now available at a discounted price of Rs 400 only for May. You can now order your own tin and indulge.

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