Simple Iced Tea Recipes

Iced teas are one the most refreshing drinks available. Pre-mixed iced teas from stores can be high in sugar and contain other additives. Have you ever thought of making your own iced coffee at home for a healthier alternative? It is actually very simple.

Iced tea is made by boiling tea leaves in hot water and cooling it to room temperature before refrigerating. This can make the water taste bitter faster than you might think.

I now prefer cold brew, which I find even more flavorful. This involves steeping tea in water for a night and then straining it the next morning. You can try one of these recipes:

  • Berry Blush Green Tea – With cranberry juice, cane sugar
  • Chilli Chai Black tea with guava juice, cane sugar, or
  • You can create your own, such as Moon White Tea with honey and peach juice.
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