Reuse old tea in creative ways.

Want to brighten your home? Or do you want shiny locks? Tea is a convenient and affordable alternative to the standard household products you can buy at your local store! Tea does not expire, but old teas that have lost flavor and smell can be reused in the home. Don’t toss out old tea packets or tea bags. Here are five ways you can reuse them in your daily life.

DIY Projects

Use old tea for some DIY fun. Tea’s spices and flowers make fragrant potpourri and soaps. Black and green teas are excellent for exfoliating when used in soap. Flower teas emit the prettiest colors, but black teas also have a beautiful color. Add a few drops to the dried tea to make a potpourri.

Shine your hair

Skip the expensive conditioner and opt for a natural shine that is cheaper. After shampooing, use old teabags to make a weaker version of tea. Rub it through your hair. This acts as a conditioner for your hair and will make it shine. Only use pure teas. Tea blends may irritate your scalp because they contain flavors and other additives.

Feed your garden

Watch your plants grow as you steep some old tea and use the still wet leaves to fertilize them. Add the tea brewed to a bucket full of water. Use it to water your plants, especially flowering ones. Tea leaves can be sprinkled around rose bushes for them to bloom.

Get rid of smelly feet

Tea is used widely to eliminate unwanted odors and smells. To eliminate foot odor, soak your feet in a tea bath that detoxifies. Add dry, unused tea bags to shoes that smell bad.

Cleaning your home

You can use old tea bags to clean surfaces around your home. Rub damp teabags over surfaces such as mirrors, glass doors, glasses, etc. To remove dirt, fingerprints, and dust. You can also use them to restore old furniture by removing unwanted scratches and spots.

Use brewed tea leaves and tea bags in the refrigerator to avoid mold.

Tea is not only a drink but has many other uses. Comment below and tell us how you’d reuse your old tea.

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