RebelliouS Beverage Company: Introducing Pre-brewed, on-the-go Green Tea

Chicago, Illinois – Rebellious Beverage Company, founded by a company with corporate experience, has launched its first product, RebelliouS Green Tea. It’s an organic, pre-brewed, portable Green Tea in liquid form. They have a goal rooted in breaking the drink business and challenging traditional.

“The last time tea saw any significant change was when ready-to-drink came out. Apart from that, all new product has focused on flavours,” said co-founder Doug DuMars.

Rebellious Beverage Company was founded by a veteran of the food and beverage industry Doug DuMars and entrepreneur Joe O’Connor. They’ve spent their time studying consumer behavior, the market for drinks, and the latest trends. They’ve designed a product that focusesndividualism—drinking your tea exactly how you like it as soon as possible.

“We’re refusing to follow the traditional “heat the water, let it sit for a while, place it in the tea bag, sit it before moving forward. If you’d like iced tea, you must use another procedure to create your beverage. It takes a huge period. We’ll do it for you.”

They want to offer a solution to the customer base that is constantly on the move or prefers a beverage that is consumed in a contain reusable containerful recognize and understand that there’s a ritual [one has]when you embark [on]your day when you drink tea — we fully understand that that’s happening,” DuMars added, “We’re taking out the steeping process and I know it’s only 3-5 minutes but that’s 3-5 minutes people don’t have in their hectic crazy lifestyle.”

The tea comes in a tiny, lightweight, ready-to-pour container the size of a business card. Add the tea to 8-12 ounces of liquid (hot and cold) and sip. The teas have more than 250 milligrams of antioxidants. They come in five flavors: Peach, Lemon, and Mint, with Lemongrass, Blood Orange, and Strawberry Kiwi.

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