Ravi Kroesen Named Vice President of Tea Operations for Steven Smith Teamaker

Kroesen is not a newcomer to the field. He was able to work in the Tao of Tea warehouse in Portland in the year 2000. There, the worker was in many different roles for seven years and then was appointed operations manager. This job catalyzed his move to Brooklyn’s Bellocq tea brand, and he was in charge of tea operations for six years. After that, Royal Coffee New York approached him to manage the tea operations of their company Royal Tea.

He intends to use this opportunity to carry on the tradition established at Steven Smith Teamaker, offer more premium tea to consumers, and change the mindset of the tea consumer across America. United States.

“I would like to continue the tradition. There’s a great appreciation for what’s come before us at Smith however we’re always taking a look ahead. For example the British Brunch, which is one of our top selling teas is a breakfast blend however, it’s not just any regular tea. Each time we blend the tea, it undergoes an extremely rigorous, thorough procedure. There are different varieties of tea throughout the year and also from seasons. Therefore, some of our offerings will have different flavors due to the changing cycle.” He added, “It’s amazing how subtle changes to the flavor profile can be so subtle. We’re constantly tweaking and refining. It’s a process. I am so happy to be part of a team who takes great care in each product we make.”

In his entire life, Kroesen has traveled an unorthodox path that led him to this point, even though his tea journey began before 2000. It started to develop when the two brothers were sent to a boarding school in the Himalayas. He was ten years old, and his brother was eight.

They were educated in the tradition of Sikhs as their families encouraged them to become a part of the Sikh religion. “We lived in a isolated area, and our school was located on the edge of a mountain, just a mile and half from town, completely surrounded by nothing. The school’s view was into the valley and could see fifty miles across the distance.”

They were absent for five years, and they didn’t meet their parents until they were three years. “It was an incredibly life-altering event. It altered the dynamics that the entire family had in a certain way. Weirdly, it was as if you were an orphan. It was like being raised by your friends. It was the children in school who became your family. If anyone in the circle were to contact me today, they’d have a place where they could stay, if they so desired, where I reside. I would give up everything to have lunch with them. It’s only that the connection built in the first place was solid.

After traveling in India (and numerous other trips worldwide) and working in the tea industry, Kroesen’s connection with tea increased.

“It’s the most beautiful way to strengthen that bondas a person from India and experiencing the experience of living abroad for a large portion of my early years. I believe it gave me the feeling of knowing the world exists outside of America. United States, per se.”

Kroesen added, “Being able to travel to the place of origin is a major difference. I spent a lot of time studying and reading all kinds of books, and everything else I could discover about tea. Then it was really helpful to go to the tea gardens and experiencing the entire process which tea is produced. There’s something else, it’s a higher level of understanding that clicks. It assists in bringing all of it togetherand being able to observe the process of making tea in person and then sip it there, just after having made something earlier in the day that really gives me an increased respect for the people who make the tea aswell being grateful for the privilege I feel to enjoy that tea at home in America. U.S..”

Professionally, he hopes to keep his path going by helping preserve the traditions in place at Steven Smith and supplying exceptional high-quality teas made with the same techniques used by Steven Smith. But the experience of traveling and sampling new, fresh teas is something that energizes him personally.

“I really look forward to traveling- being able to drink tea at the origin with a farmer that’s put so much effort and energy into creating something so beautiful.” He said, “For me, I’ve always noticed teas that you’ll get to drink that you have the life before and it’s the moment that changes your life. I’ve probably had about seven or eight of them in my lifetime and I’m always looking forward to the new one.”

One of the moments he mentioned was his experience of tasting Spring Chinese Greens. “Cupping these samples, which were brought from China which were two weeks old. They were fresh, bright, and crisp, like drinking the mountain. It was as if you were in awe of the moment.”

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