Masala Chai: Unusual pairings

After months of scorching heat, monsoon brings pleasant weather and cool temperatures. This is the time of year when we enjoy endless cups of hot, steaming chai with our favorite Indian snacks. Here’s a list of unusual food pairings for chai to beat the rainy-day blues.

Cheese Naan

Naan, or traditional Indian flatbread, is a popular accompaniment to Indian curry dishes. It’s usually served hot and brushed in butter or ghee. These naans can be stuffed with cheese, making them a great tea pairing. Tea complements cheese and brings out hidden flavours.

Masala Papad

Papad, a thin Indian crisp, is a popular accompaniment to many meals. Crisp papad can be fried or roasted and topped with spicy onion/tomato mixture to complement masala chai’s spicy flavor.


Yes, that’s right. Biryani, a delicious savoury rice dish made with spiced meats and vegetables, caramelized onions, and saffron rice is one example. Chai helps digestion by cutting through the richness and spices of masala Chai.

It’s there. These are my top three unusual food pairings for chai. They will make your taste buds sway this Monsoon. Tea Trunk’s Masala Chai Black Tea is infused with the best spices and earthy ginger to make a soothing cup of chai when it rains. Get your favorite teas in stock

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