Luxury Health & Beauty Products Made from Tea

For centuries, tea infusions have been enjoyed. Tea infusions are not just for pleasure but can also treat specific ailments. Ingredients extracted from the bark stems, roots, leaves, and buds can treat just about any illness. Tea is used in various products around the home, including healthy tonics. Some of these products have been marketed even as luxury items, which has increased the brand equity for tea.

Around the globe, soap made from tea is becoming increasingly popular. Gifts of tea soap are given to family and friends in attractive hampers. They appreciate the benefits of their health and aesthetic appeal. The soaps are typically handcrafted using the cold process technique, and they’re cured for a minimum of a month. Popular soaps include¬†chamomile-soap, green tea soap, and lavender soap.

Potpourri consists of dried flowers and plants that have a natural flavor. The potpourri is placed in a small bowl or tied into a sachet and used to infuse a room with a fresh scent. Potpourri is made from tea leaves and fragrant herbs. They are well packaged and can positively transform your visitors’ mood when they visit. Potpourri contains orange peel, fennel seed, and rose flowers.

Artists use tea to create paintings. Artists use black tea as a background for sketches. Tea can be used to create light, medium, or dark shades. Pour more water into the cup and push the teabag against the side to collect the liquid. Paintings on a wall add character to any space. You can use the tea even to color your Tea Trunk coloring book.

Tea as a cleaner for the home is not advertised as a luxurious product. However, it will add shine to expensive furniture. Sprinkle dry green tea over your carpets or rugs and let them sit for 10 minutes before vacuuming. You can use brewed tea to polish wooden floors. You can also give a window or mirror sparkle by rubbing an old teabag.

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