Jasmine tea is the perfect way to stay active.

China introduced jasmine tea in the 6th century. The Chinese are believed to have created this unique tea formula by combining jasmine flowers with green tea leaves. People have consumed jasmine Tea for centuries, but only recently have the health benefits of this tea become known.

What is Jasmine Tea?

As the name implies, Jasmine Tea is made using the Jasmine petals. The petals are first blended with loose green tea leaves to prepare Jasmine Tea. The tea will have a floral scent. The traditional method, although simple, is labor intensive. It involves layering petals around the tea at least nine to ten times for a rich flavor. The dried leaves are then packaged and sent to the market. Layering usually takes place overnight, when Jasmine blooms the most.

How do you make Jasmine tea?

Jasmine tea can be brewed in the same way as any other green tea. This tea is brewed hot and has many health benefits. Traditional jasmines have a strong flavor and require less brewing time. It is best to steep the Jasmine for two minutes at 85-90degC to reduce bitterness.

In Buddhism, the jasmine flower represents cultural and religious significance. When combined with green tea, this tea is said to have a variety of medicinal benefits.

Jasmine Tea Benefits

Reduces anxiety

The Jasmine aroma infusing the tea creates a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. While drinking the tea, the aroma calms the nerves and reduces stress.

Enhances alertness

Tea Origin”>Jasmine tea increases the energy within our body. This tea contains a moderate amount of caffeine, which increases alertness and gives you focus without jitters.

Vibrant skin

Green tea contains polyphenols that help to promote healthy skin. Even the jasmine flowers have cleansing and healing qualities. Tea Origin”>Jasmine Tea talks about the higher the concentration of Jasmine lesser is the need for skincare products.

Good cholesterol is promoted

Green tea with a jasmine flavor increases good cholesterol levels in the body. The ingredients’ antioxidants help promote good cholesterol levels while destroying lousy cholesterol.

Oral health benefits

Tea Origin”>Jasmine green tea is based on green tea; the catechins present in green tea leaves help protect teeth from tooth decay. The tea is a natural anti-bacterial agent that helps stop the formation of dental plaque, known for damaging teeth’s enamel.

What role does Jasmine Tea play in weight loss?

Green tea contains catechins that affect the metabolism rate, which in turn helps to eliminate excess body fat. Jasmine tea consumption increases the metabolism rate, which burns calories more quickly. We also know that the jasmine aroma helps reduce stress. Stress reduction helps us focus more on our diet, which aids in weight loss.

Try the Tea Origin Jasmine Tea, which is made with natural ingredients like jasmine petals and whole-leaf green tea. Jasmine Tea is a great way to control your health and stay fit without compromising your lifestyle.

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