Iced tea vs. hot tea

Tea has evolved over the years to meet local tastes and preferences. Hot tea is still more popular than Iced Tea.

Hot tea has existed for hundreds of years. It has a rich and varied history. The original purpose of hot tea was to treat ailments. Tea leaves were initially brewed in water and boiled in order to make a stimulating, but healthy, drink that could be enjoyed every day.

Iced tea was invented years after the traditional tea. The oldest known recipes for iced Tea date back to the 19th Century. Iced tea was created through experimentation and the advent of iceboxes and refrigeration. Many types of iced tea come in different formats. Some require the addition of sugar while others call for hot water to steep the tea before cooling it and then serving it with ice.

Two teaspoonfuls of green coffee should be added to one quart boiling water. After that, steep it for at least one day. To balance the flavors, you should then pour the infusion into a glass with ice and sugar.

Sweetened iced tea was a luxury in the early days of its introduction due to the high value of ice. Iced tea can be purchased in powdered, bottled, or liquid concentrate forms. You can also buy loose-leaf tea that you can brew and then refrigerate overnight. Convenience packs often contain sugar or sweeteners. However, loose-leaf tea can be made without sweeteners. Loose-leaf is brewed longer to increase its strength. Ice eventually dilutes the flavor. Iced tea is growing in popularity and accounts for over 80% of American tea consumption.

Iced tea does not offer the same health benefits that a cup of freshly brewed tea. Although it is common to believe that hot teas have more antioxidants than iced ones, detailed research has proven otherwise.

Every cup of tea has a different antioxidant level. It all depends on how the tea was made, the time it was brewed, and the growing conditions. The high sugar content can compromise the health benefits of sweetened iced Teas.

There is no universal answer to the question, “Which one is better?” Home-made teas are better than pre-packaged teas. Individual preferences and tastes will determine which tea they prefer, hot or cold. As a refreshing, hydrating option to soft drinks and processed juices, iced teas are more popular in summer. Hot teas, however, are more popular during winter. You can start by choosing from our iced and hot teas options to make your perfect cup.

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