How to make Kombucha using your favorite tea

Kombucha is a Chinese drink often called the “Champagne for Life.” It is a fungus that’s made of tea. It has a tart taste. Kombucha has several health benefits that haven’t been proven scientifically. It has become popular worldwide because of its refreshing taste. The SCOBY is made by fermenting black or green tea into a “symbiotic bacteria and yeast culture.” It grows when the bacteria is allowed to feed off tea leaves (also known as Camellia Sinensis). Kombucha purifies the body and allows it to absorb anti-oxidants, vitamins, and tea more effectively.

We have already mentioned that there are no health benefits. As a disclaimer, it is possible that the bacteria ferments and produces alcohol. It is possible to experience side effects when you first try it. It is not recommended for pregnant women or children. Homebrews can also become contaminated, as the culture must be grown for almost four weeks. The SCOBY, the probiotic that Kombucha acts as in the body, must be acidic during the formation process. Otherwise, mold and a vinegary smell will begin to grow. You can buy Kombucha in a store and add it to your tea.

After sharing this information, let’s concentrate on making this tasty fizzy drink with your favorite teas.

Boil 3.5 cups water in a stainless-steel pot for 5 minutes

Add 1 cup white sugar to the pot

The sugar should be dissolved entirely.

Add four teabags, either black or green. Tea leaves can be used instead.

Steep tea for 10 minutes

Add 3.5 cups of room-temperature water

Pour infusion into a glass jar

Add 1 cup of unflavored ready-made Kombucha

Mix ingredients

Seal the jar tightly (this is crucial to prevent contamination).

Cover the pot with a tea towel and rubber bands

Store in a warm, dark place

You will get the desired results in 4 weeks if you follow the instructions correctly. It is essential to monitor the progress every week. After a mother mushroom is created, you can produce baby mushrooms. It’s best to consult your doctor before drinking it. Use flavored teas in the second stage of fermentation instead of the first. Premium Black AssamPurified Darjeeling, and Organic Green Tea can be used to make Kombucha. Click Here To Shop Our Pure Tea Bundle.

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