Here are some classic and innovative monsoon teas you should try

Monsoon is officially the season for tea. This is the season when we don’t need to pretend for any reason. The weather gives us a million reasons for continuing to sip our favorite beverage, cup after glass. All chai enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting monsoons. But before that, let’s tell you about the various monsoon teas you can enjoy while taking in the stunning view of the heavens dropping on the earth and blessing it. Oh! Talk about bliss!

Chai lovers, take note.

Classic Kadak Masala ChaiEvery Indian household needs Chai and …?? as soon as the air becomes softened by the earthy and dewy petrichor. You can guess, Pakore. We believe that tea and monsoon go hand-in-hand in the desi Indian household. Everyone enjoys the soothing aroma of the raindrops on the earth and the pleasant taste of the Kadak Masala chai.

It’s not just the taste of Chai or Pakore that makes us crave them, but also that the masala in Chai can help build immunity to fight off many viruses.

  1. Tulsi tea

Monsoon tea is more than taste. Many people drink different types of teas for other purposes. Tulsi, also known as The Holy Basil, is used to make the best teas. Tulsi tea is the most popular type of tea you will find when you return from the rain. Your mother will pluck the tender, fresh tulsi leaves and boil them in water. Within minutes, you’ll have ready your immunity-boosting defeat of cold and hot tea. It is so beautiful that the Indian culture keeps a tulsi plant at home. This allows us to have immunity booster tea available in an instant.

Everybody needs to be immune during monsoon season. Here are some ways you can get that immunity by drinking desi Indian monsoon Tea.

These teas were said to be good for the soul and have been handed down from generation to generation by desi Indian families. But wait!

Samaara offers the benefits of Tulsi to their green tea, which will boost your immunity.

Let’s now discuss some experimental teas. This is different from your typical healthy monsoon tea blog.

We love tea and will share our favorite ways to include tea in our daily lives. It’s a great idea!

This is the experimental tea blog of a tea enthusiast. It is worth a try. Otherwise, the tea God may be angry.

Take a look. We know you won’t control yourself if you try these.

  1. Cheese Tea

No, don’t get us wrong. We’re not asking you to dip cheese slices in your Chai. This is a sin that we wouldn’t commit. This unique recipe requires only your favorite iced tea mix as a base and salty cream cheese as the topping. This tea will refresh you on a day when the gods of monsoon shower the earth with an endless downpour. Try it once.

  1. Coconut Tea

Coconut chai tea will bring back memories of sunny afternoons in Goa and other beaches. Monsoons can feel gloomy with dark clouds and thunder that sends shivers down your spine. This chai recipe will make all of these days more pleasant.

Combine cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and vanilla pod to make a delicious cup of tea.

  1. Mango Tea

Monsoons, tea, and mango are a match made for heaven. But mango is something that should be noticed. These two things are so interconnected we decided to pair mango with tea for rainy days.

This tea combines the white flesh from raw mango with fresh tea leaves to make a delicious brew. Aam Panna Tea is a delightful tea you will always remember and want to savor every year. This tea not only tastes fantastic, but it also aids in digestion.

These are some of the best monsoon teas, both classic and innovative. They will make your monsoon season extra enjoyable.

To feel alive and enjoy life to its fullest, you must have windows, rain, and tea.

Try Samaara premium tea today!

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In India and many other countries, Samaara Tea is enjoyed in all seasons.

Samaara tea is the perfect choice for those who prefer the best.

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